Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your patience as the COVID-19 Planning Team workgroups continue their efforts to address all of the details of the vaccine requirement. While much has been accomplished, the work is still in progress and there are still questions that must be answered.

This is the first of what will be weekly emails leading up to the vaccine requirement implementation date of October 15, 2021. This communication contains answers to many frequently asked questions and a similar update will be emailed to students. Please find the vaccine requirement document for your reference.

Do I have to get vaccinated? No, the vaccine requirement allows those who are not fully vaccinated the option of weekly screening testing for clearance to access the campus and college facilities.

Does this apply to fully remote students and employees? No, it only applies to employees, students, and visitors coming to campus.

I work on campus, do I have to get vaccinated? No, you have the option of vaccine or weekly screening testing.

How will we (employees, students, visitors) show that we meet the vaccine requirement to be on campus? Cuesta College is implementing a web-based tool, Cleared4, that will provide a digital pass. The pass can be viewed on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. There is no indication on the Cleared4 pass whether the individual is vaccinated or cleared through testing.

I have a medical condition and am unable to receive the vaccine. Am I exempt? You are not required to receive the vaccine, but you will be required to test weekly to be cleared to access Cuesta College campuses and facilities.

Where can I get tested? Free testing is available on campus. Testing is currently available on the SLO campus in room 1032 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Details on expanded location/days/times under development.

I am a student enrolled in Cuesta College but taking classes at a high school location, do I have to get vaccinated? Students will follow the COVID-19 protocols established at the high school where they are enrolled.

I have already submitted proof of vaccine, do I have to show it again? No. Only those who have not already submitted proof of vaccine will need to submit verification.

I recently had COVID-19, do I have to test? If you had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 90 days and currently have no symptoms, you are exempt from screening upon showing proof of positive test. If you recovered more than 90 days ago, you are required to test.  

Can I come onto campus immediately after my 2nd dose of Pfizer or Moderna or my first dose of J&J? Anyone not fully vaccinated, is required to test weekly until they reach fully vaccinated status. You are fully vaccinated two weeks or more after the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer or Moderna), or two weeks or more after a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson).

Will I be required to enter campus through a checkpoint? No, employees, students, and visitors will enter the campus as usual. Everyone on campus should be prepared to show their Cleared4 pass when asked. 

Do I have to check my student status? No, but you have the option to do so as desired.

Are faculty expected to keep a record of student status? No, there is no tracking needed.

As noted above, more information will be emailed next week. In addition, a link has been added to the COVID-19 webpage providing a count of student positive cases by week. Please bear in mind that this includes all students, including those fully remote. 

COVID-19 Cases

Total since August 1, 2021: 65

Unduplicated headcount: 9,060

Includes all students (online, in-person, hybrid)


Thank you for your ongoing perseverance, compassion, and commitment to service. Your work makes a positive difference in the lives of our students!

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