Past Book of the Year Events

2018: Life Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism 
2018 Video of Ron Suskind CPAC Event 
2018 Calendar (PDF)
2018 Postcard

2017: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
2007 Video of Lacks Family at the CPAC
2017 Calendar (PDF)
2017 Save the Date Postcard 

2016: The Barbarian Nurseries
2016 Video of Hector Tobar at the CPAC
2016 Calendar (PDF)
2016 Save the Date Postcard( PDF)

2015: Yellow Birds
2015 Video of Kevin Powers at the CPAC
2015 Calendar (PDF)
2015 Save the date postcard (PDF)

2014: Orange is the New Black
2014 Video of Piper Kerman at the CPAC
Schedule of Events (PDF)
2014 Save the Date Postcard (PDF)
2014 Save the Date Flyer (PDF)

2013: Language of Flowers
2013 Videos of Vanessa Diffenbaugh Lecture and Stepping up for Emancipating Foster Youth Panel Events
Interview with author Vanessa Diffenbaugh on KCBX
2013 Cuesta Events Schedule (PDF)
2013 San Luis Obispo County Library Schedule of Events (PDF)
2013 Save the Date Postcard (PDF)

2012: In the Neighborhood
2012 Winedown Fundraiser
2012 Calendar of Events (PDF)
2012 Pocket Media Festival
2012 Peter Lovenheim Video

2011: Farm City
2011 calendar

2011 films
2011 library events

2010: Enrique's Journey
2010 calendar
2010 films

2009: When the Emperor was Divine
2009 calendar