In order to permit students to demonstrate that they have met the objectives of a course through experience in the work place, foreign language proficiency, or some other process outside the conventional academic setting, students may earn credit by receiving a passing grade on an examination administered by the appropriate instructional department/program. The completion of Credit by Examination may require the demonstration of other skills or the completion of assignments in addition to an examination. 

Upon completion of a Comprehensive Student Education Plan, students interested in Credit for Prior Learning using Credit by Examination shall receive credit as recommended by the appropriate division chair or faculty designee as follows:

  1. Student shall complete the Credit for Prior Learning assessment petition available in the Enrollment Services 
  2. Student meets with the division chair or faculty designee further instructions for Credit by Examination
  3. If the division chair or faculty designee determine the Credit by Examination assessment measures mastery of the course content as set forth in the Course Outline of Record, the appropriate faculty shall sign the petition with the recorded grade and forward to the Enrollment Services to be kept on file and recorded on the student transcript. 
  4. The petition must be completed and the student registered by: 

     ⇒ Friday of the 4th week of the semester (Fall/Spring); or
    ⇒ Thursday of the 2nd week for Summer Session.

Credits acquired by examination are not applicable to meeting of such unit load requirements as Selective Service deferment, Veterans, or Social Security benefits. Credits acquired by examination shall not be counted in determining the 12 semester hours of credit in residence required for an Associate degree. The student must be registered in the District and neither currently enrolled in nor have received credit for a more advanced course in the same subject (may be waived by department).

A list of approved Credit by Examination Courses is released each academic year by Academic Affairs.  Only certain courses may be challenged.

List of Approved Credit by Exam Courses (PDF)