Students may use the following forms to update their personal information on their student records.  Photo ID is required.  Submit forms in-person to a Registration Center or fax to (805) 546-3975, along with photo ID.

Change of Information Form for the following:

  • Mailing Address
  • Correct Date of Birth
  • Update Education Goal
  • Release of Directory Information
  • Update your program/major in myCuesta
    Go to Student tab and My Web Services channel, open Banner Self-Service folder.
    Go to Student Accounts - click on "Change Major/Program and GE Pattern"
  • Opt-in to Text messaging new

Change Name or Social Security Number Form 

A legible copy of your Social Security card is required.  The name on your academic records must match the name on your Social Security card to receive federal financial aid funds and the 1098T form for tax credits.  Contact the Social Security Administration to update the name on your Social Security card, which takes approximately 10 business days to receive a new card from the date of your receipt.

Change Educational Level Form

Your highest education level completed is reported on the current admission application you submitted.  Complete the Change of Education Level form if you incorrectly reported this information on your current admission application.

Enrichment student must update their status as a new college student by submitting a new admission application for the next term they plan to attend after completing high school.  Do not submit a Change of Educational Level form and apply online.