• A substandard grade is a grade of "D+," "D," "D-,""F," "FW,""NP," or "NC."
  • A satisfactory grade is a grade of "A,""A-,""B+,""B,""B-,""C+,""C,""P," or "CR."

Students may submit a "Petition to Repeat a Course" under certain circumstances as provided by Title V, California Code of Regulations and Cuesta College Board Policy. 

Third Enrollment Agreement

Form: Third Enrollment Agreement

  • A student will be permitted to retake a non-repeatable course in which a substandard grade or "W" was earned one time without petition.
  • If a student has earned a second substandard grade or "W" in a course, the student must agree and sign a Third Enrollment Agreement to be released to register for a third repetition of a course.

 Update GPA/Course History

Form: Request to Update GPA/Course History for Repeated Course

Students who previously received a substandard grade in a class must repeat the class for a letter grade to alleviate the original grade. (Pass/no pass grading is not permitted and will not be used in the recalculation of the student's GPA.) 

  • If the student receives a passing grade of "C" or higher, the prior substandard grade will automatically be alleviated in the student's GPA and annotated on their academic record/transcript. The student does not need to submit this form: Update GPA/Course History.
  • If the student receives a subsequent substandard grade (does not include "W" for withdrawal), the student will need to submit this form to have the prior substandard grade alleviated.
  • If the student repeated the course at another accredited college or university, the student will need to submit official transcripts and Catalog course description from the other school and submit this form to request grade alleviation.

Repeat Same Course (Repeatable) in the Same Term

Form:  Petition to Repeat Same Course in the Same Term

A student may enroll in two or more sections of the same repeatable credit course during the same term as long as they are not enrolled in more than one section at any given time for the length of the course.  In other words, the two identical courses may not overlap in time or dates.  For the online registration system to allow enrollment in repeatable identical courses, the student must submit a Repeat Same Course in the Same Term Petition.  Typically, this applies to Emeritus College (ECOL) courses.