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  • A substandard grade is a grade of "D+," "D," "D-," "F," "FW," "NP," or "NC."
  • A satisfactory grade is a grade of "A," "A-," "B+," "B," "B-," "C+," "C, " "P," or "CR."

Repeatable Course

A repeatable course is identified in the Cuesta College Catalog and Class Finder as repeatable more than one time.

  • A student may repeat a course designated as a repeatable course including variable credit open-entry/open-exit courses up to the maximum number of allowed repetitions for that course.

  • No more than two substandard grades may be alleviated within the allowable repeat limits for a repeatable course. If a course is repeatable two or more times, the first two substandard grades will be excluded in calculating the student's GPA.

  • Courses in physical education (kinesiology), visual, and performing arts designated as an "active participatory" course are limited to one enrollment per course up to a maximum of four (4) enrollments within a family, if there are more than four courses.

  • A student may enroll in two or more sections of the same repeatable credit course during the same term as long as they are not enrolled in more than one section at any given time for the length of the course.  In other words, the two identical courses may not overlap in time or dates.  For the online registration system to allow enrollment in repeatable identical courses, the student must submit a Repeat Same Course in the Same Term petition.  Typically, this form is needed for multiple WELL 000 enrollments in the same term.

Non-repeatable Course

A non-repeatable course is a course in the Cuesta College Catalog that is not identified as repeatable. 

  • A student will be permitted to retake a non-repeatable course in which a substandard grade or "W" was earned one time without petition.

  • If a student has earned a second substandard grade or "W" in a course, the student must agree and sign a Third Enrollment Agreement to be released to register for the third repetition of a course.

  • Each non-repeatable course in which a substandard grade has been earned may be repeated two times only for grade alleviation unless such repetition is provided by District policy. The repeated course must contain the equivalent credit value or higher. The previous grade and credit will be disregarded in calculation of the student's GPA even if the previous grade was higher.

  • A course in which a satisfactory grade was received may not be repeated unless such repetition is provided for in the official course description or by District policy.