1. Cal Poly SLO says they use Parchment only.  Will my Cuesta transcript be received?
Cuesta College now uses Credentials/Parchment which is the same transcript platform Cal Poly uses.  You will order via your portal and choose Cal Poly as the destination and the transcript will be sent electronically to Cal Poly SLO.

2.  Will Cuesta send transcripts for other colleges that are on file?
No, students need to visit the college or universities home web site and request those transcripts directly from the original institution (helpful tip: search “transcript request” on college/university site).  AP scores must be sent from College Board (www.collegeboard.org ).  Cuesta College can only send Cuesta transcripts and cannot send transcripts from other colleges that are on file.

3. Should I check the HOLD NOW for IGETC or CSU GE certification or not?
If you are ordering a transcript that shows your in progress work, do not check either of these two boxes, skip this area.  Only check the HOLD NOW when requesting your final transcript that will show your General Education Certification and/or degree award on it.

4. Do I check the undergraduate or graduate option for the college I am choosing to send transcripts to?
As a transfer student you will always choose the “undergraduate” option.

5. When is the final transcript deadline for UCs and CSUs?
UC- Final, official transcripts must be postmarked or electronically submitted on of before July 1st for fall transfer.  CSU- Most CSU campuses require that final transcripts are received by July 15th for fall transfer.  Be sure to check your campus to confirm their specific deadline.

6. If a university asks me to send an in-progress transcript, when should I send it?
You will want to order an in progress, official transcript to be sent ASAP and be sure to meet campus submission deadline.