Phlebotomy Student Requirements

The following information is provided to help students prepare for Phlebotomy program requirements and expenses.  It is important that students wait to receive instructions and forms at the first class meeting before proceeding with these requirements.  

Background Check and Drug Screen Policy (all programs)

Healthcare Provider CPR certification (all programs)

Uniform/Dress Code: Students typically purchase scrubs and shoes. Uniform information is provided at the start of class. Phlebotomy students may not wear artificial nails or visible body piercing other than a limited number of earrings.

Skills Kit:
Paid for when registering for MAST 109/109L and provided to the students by the instructor during class.   Skills kit supplies are provided during class as each skill is being learned. Once the course begins, the cost of the skills kit is nonrefundable. 

Cuesta College Student ID badge: the instructor will provide details to students on how to obtain a student ID badges at the Public Safety office.