LVN Program Eligibility Requirements and Prerequisite Courses

1. Current California Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certification - Obtained by December 31st

2. Proof of completion of 12th grade education or equivalent (or higher degree)

3  Prerequisite Coursework - completed by December 31st with a grade of 'C' or better

  • BIO 212 Human Biology* 3.0 credits/units
  • BIO 212L Human Biology Lab* 1.0 credit/units
  • ENGL 156 College Reading and Writing* 4.0 credits/units OR
  • ENG 180 Intro to ENG Comp* 4.0 credits/units
  • MATH 127 Intermediate Applied Algebra*  5.0 credits/units OR
  • MATH 128 Applied Algebra* 6.0 credits/units
* Completion of the above prerequisites is required to be an eligible application in the LVN program. Completion of higher level college courses such as BIO 205 Human Anatomy, BIO 206 Human Physiology, ENG 201A English Composition, and MATH above 128, with a grade of 'C' or better are acceptable. Completion of Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology courses are strongly recommended.

Course completion vs. Assessment: Applicants to the LVN certificate program must either complete the above Math and English prereq courses (or higher level courses) with a grade of 'C' or better; OR place into English 201A and a transfer level math course.

NOTE: Additional requirements exist to earn a Licensed Vocational Nursing Associate in Science degree. Contact a Cuesta College counselor or refer to the Application Instruction Packet for more information.

How to submit Official Transcripts of Prerequisite Coursework


For questions about the LVN program, application process or application instructions, contact Brita Blue at: (805) 592-9426 or

For questions regarding program eligibility, prerequisites, course evaluations, and academic planning, request an appointment with Cindy Stever, Nursing Program Counselor.

Appointment with Cindy Stever can be scheduled online using our portal on the Counseling website for a 15-minute drop-in or a 45-minute full planning appointment (select "Nursing and Allied Health Students" in the list of appointment types).