2024 LVN TO RN (ACCELERATED RN) APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS for important dates, eligibility requirements, and instructions to apply to the accelerated RN program.

Accelerated RN Program Requirements and Prerequisite Courses

1-3 Must be completed prior to submitting an application

IMPORTANT! Please refer to the 2024 LVN to RN Application Instructions above for complete instructions and information.

1. Current California LVN License.

2. Minimum 6 months LVN work experience within the past 2 years, completed by June 30, 2024.

3. Prerequisite Coursework - completed by May 31, 2024, with a grade of "C" or better. A combined GPA of 2.50 or higher is required for the 3 science courses. 

Prerequisite Courses Minimum Semester Credits Cuesta Equivalent
Microbiology, including lab* 4.0 BIO 204 (5 credits)
Human Anatomy, including lab* 4.0 BIO 205 (4 credits)
Human Physiology, including lab* 4.0 BIO 206 (5 credits)
English Composition 3.0 ENGL 201A (4 credits)






* Online and distance education science labs are NOT accepted. Exception: online sciences taken during COVID pandemic (Spring 2020-Spring 2022).

4. TEAS Test (Version 7) taken between July 8, 2023, and July 7, 2024. Official results must be submitted no later than July 7, 2024. 

    • Score of 62% or higher required to remain eligible.
    • Only the first score in the timeframe above will be accepted.

5. Submit official transcripts from ALL colleges attended by application deadline.

    • Must be from regionally accredited US colleges or universities. 
    • International transcripts must be formally evaluated.     

6. Additional Required Coursework -  The following coursework must be completed before program entry but It is highly recommended to complete this coursework before applying.

  • Cuesta College Associate Degree General Education Required Courses:
    • History/Political Science (American Institutions)
    • Arts/Humanities
    • Intermediate Algebra (or higher)
  • RN Licensure (BRN) Required Courses:
    • Introduction to Sociology/Cultural Anthropology
    • Speech/Communication
    • General Psychology


For questions about the Accelerated RN program, application process or application instructions, contact Brita Blue at: (805) 592-9426 or brita_blue@cuesta.edu

For questions regarding program eligibility, prerequisites, course evaluations, and academic planning, request an appointment with Cindy Stever, Nursing Program Counselor.