2023 Paramedic Program Application Information

The application process is now closed.  Applications for the 2024 program will be available next August 2023.


Questions regarding application status can be directed to Claire Hawkins, Allied Health Program Specialist, at claire_hawkins@cuesta.edu or 805-592-9283.  Questions regarding transcript receipt or equivalency determinations can be addressed to Evaluations at eval@cuesta.edu



2024 Program Paramedic Application Requirements:

  1. High school or college degree or GED certificate, as verified by official, sealed high school transcripts with graduation date posted, GED report (or equivalent), or college transcripts.
  2. Completed academic pre-requisites of English 156 or above, Math 123 or above and Bio 205, 206 or 212, with a grade of "C" or better, as verified by official, sealed college transcripts or college Placement Assessment results (Math/English only). Courses must be completed and final grades posted by the date of application.   Please note:  courses taken at other colleges should have their equivalency to Cuesta courses determined BEFOREHAND.  This can be done by contacting eval@cuesta.edu.
  3. Current California EMT certification.
  4. 1,000 hours of 9-1-1 experience based in an ambulance or fire engine that responds to medical and trauma related incidents at a minimum rate of 75% of call volume/time spent.  Lifeguard, emergency room, wildland firefighter, or other experience does not meet application requirements.

NOTE:  Conviction of a misdemeanor or felony may constitute grounds for denial of licensure.  Contact Deborah Adams, Clinical Coordinator, at 805-592-9798 or deborah_adams1@cuesta.edu to discuss any concerns before applying.


2024 Paramedic Program Minimum Prerequisite Coursework:

Semester Credit Minimum
Cuesta equivalent
Human Biology, Anatomy or Physiology
BIO 212, 205 or 206*    
College Reading and Writing
ENGL 156 or above
Elementary Algebra
MATH 123 or above

*While BIO 212 is accepted, BIO 205 (Human Anatomy) or BIO 206 (Human Physiology) is strongly recommended.


For information about eligibility, application process/status or general program questions, contact the Allied Health Program Specialist, Claire Hawkins, at claire_hawkins@cuesta.edu or (805) 592-9283.

For information on how to become a student at Cuesta, contact Janice Petrie (805) 592-9343.

For questions about program prerequisites, student education plans, degrees, or transferring to/from Cuesta, contact Carol Hurd (805) 592-9827 or Cindy Stever (805) 592-9922. Both counselors are also available for appointments through the online scheduling portal for a 15-minute drop-in or a 45-minute full planning appointment (select "Nursing and Allied Health students" in the list of appointment types.

For detailed questions about course material, licensure or other curriculum-related questions, please contact the Program Director, Matt McElhenie, at matt_mcelhenie@cuesta.org.