III.B.1 SLOCCCD Facilities Master Plan 2011-2021

III.B.2 SLOCCCD Educational and Facilities Master Plan 2001

III.B.3 Automated Logic Indexes

III.B.4 Monitoring System Certification

III.B.5 Americans with Disabilities Act

III.B.6 Waste Diversion Plan

III.B.7 UST Monitoring System Certification

III.B.8 Sewer System Management Plan

III.B.9 Hazardous Substance Location Plan

III.B.10 Motor Pool Smog Program Report

III.B.11 Annual Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguisher Compliance Program

III.B.12 Waste Water Diversion Plan

III.B.13 Keenan Property and Liability Inspection

III.B.14 Bi-Annual Building Safety Inspections

III.B.15 Safety Committee Minutes Sample

III.B.16 Injury Illness and Protection Program

III.B.17 Return to Work Program

III.B.18 Lighting Retrofit

III.B.19 Integrated Planning Facilities Template – New Facility

III.B.20 2011 Cuesta College Job Satisfaction Survey

III.B.21 Copy of Fusion Data Base Software Cover

III.B.22 Long Term Fiscal Plan 2012-2016

III.B.23 Work Order System Index

III.B.24 Work Order Satisfaction Survey

III.B.25 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2012

III.B.26 Planning and Budget Minutes, May 7, 2013

III.B.27 Division of the State Architect Certificate Letter

III.B.28 2012 Hazard Communication Standard Final Rule

III.B.29 Annual Building Maintenance Assessment

III.B.30 Planning and Budget Minutes, March 5, 2013

III.B.31 Board of Trustees Minutes, April 2013

III.B.32 Board of Trustees Minutes, May 2013

III.B.33 North County Campus Educational and Facilities Master Plan 1999