IVB.1 Board Policy 2200

IVB.2 SLOCCCD Mission Statement

IVB.3 SLOCCCD Long Term Fiscal Plan 2012-2016

IVB.4 2013-2014 Budget Assumptions

IVB.5 Board Policy 6200

IVB.6 Final Budget 2012-2013

IVB.7 Board Budget Update PowerPoint Presentation, September 2013

IVB.8 Annual Budget Process Handbook, Page 1

IVB.9 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2013

IVB.10 Board Policy 2431

IVB.11 Board of Trustees Minutes, March 9, 2011, Business item 7

IVB.12 Board of Trustees Minutes, November 2011

IVB.13 Board Policy 2065

IVB.14 Board Evaluation of the President Schedule

IVB.15 Board of Trustees Minutes, May 1, 2013

IVB.16 Board of Trustees Minutes, October 5, 2011

IVB.17 June 2013 Board of Trustees Budget Workshop PowerPoint

IVB.18 February 2014 Board of Trustees Budget Workshop PowerPoint

IVB.19 Example of the President’s Monthly Goals Report to the Board of Trustees

IVB.20 Board Policy 1112

IVB.21 Board Policy 1605

IVB.22 Board Policy 1130

IVB.23 Board Policy 1605

IVB.24 Board Policy 2365

IVB.25 Board Policy 2715

IVB.26 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the SLOCCCD and Cuesta College Federation of Teachers, Page 51

IVB.27 Constitution of the Academic Senate of Cuesta College, Page 3

IVB.28 SLOCCCD Participatory Governance: Decision-Making and Committee Handbook, Figure 2: Participatory Governance Committee Relationships and Workflow page 5

IVB.29 Board Policy/Administrative Procedure 2710 (Conflict of Interest)

IVB.30 Board Policy 2720

IVB.31 SLOCCCD Cuesta College Educational Master Plan 2011-2016 Addendum

IVB.32 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2012-2014, Page 6-7

IVB.33 SLOCCCD Spring 2013 Progress Report

IVB.34 Board Policy 4020

IVB.35 Board Policy 5040

IVB.36 Board of Trustees Goals and Quarterly Progress Reports

IVB.37 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2012

IVB.38 Board of Trustees Minutes, April 2012

IVB.39 Education Code 70902

IVB.40 Education Code 72400

IVB.41 Board of Trustees District Website

IVB.42 Board Policy 2010

IVB.43 Board Policy 2015

IVB.44 Board Policy 1100

IVB.45 Board Policy 1110

IVB.46 Board Policy 1111

IVB.47 Board Policy 1113

IVB.48 Board Policy 1120

IVB.49 Board Policy 2410

IVB.50 Administrative Procedure 2410

IVB.51 Community College League of California Numbering System

IVB.52 Board Policy 2740

IVB.53 Board Development Plan Calendar 2013-2014

IVB.54 Board Policy 2745, Board Evaluation

IVB.55 June 2013 Board Retreat Minutes

IVB.56 Board of Trustees Goals on website

IVB.57 Governing Board’s Code of Ethics Signature Sheet

IVB.58 Accreditation Standing Agenda Board Agenda

IVB.59 Board of Trustees Minutes of Accreditation Reports

IVB.60 Board Members Certificates of ACCJC Basic Training

IVB.61 ALO Standards Training for Board of Trustees PowerPoint

IVB.62 Board of Trustees Minutes of Dr. Beno and Dr. Nixon Board Training, August 2012

IVB.63 Board’s Self Evaluation Questions Related to Accreditation

IVB.64 Board of Trustees Minutes, October 2011, Page 6

IVB.65 Board of Trustees Minutes, October 2012, Page 10

IVB.66 Board of Trustees Minutes October 2013

IVB.67 Statewide Academic Senate Accreditation Institute – Breakout sessions

IVB.68 Executive Recruitment Plan

IVB.69 Board of Trustees Minutes of President Recruitment Plan

IVB.70 Presidential Candidates Board Interview Schedule

IVB.71 Board Policy 2430

IVB.72 SLOCCCD Participatory Governance: Decision-Making and Committee Handbook

IVB.73 Board Policy 2065

IVB.74 Superintendent/President Annual Goals/Objectives

IVB.75 Spring 2013 Progress Report Board Minutes

IVB.76 Student Success Scorecard Presentation at Board of Trustees

IVB.77 Board Policy 2010

IVB.78 Superintendent/President Job Description

IVB.79 Organizational Chart

IVB.80 Board Policy 2047

IVB.81 Administrative Job Descriptions

IVB.82 Board Minutes Appointing Vice President Student Services

IVB.83 Board Minutes Appointing Vice President Academic Affairs

IVB.84 Job Announcements: Executive Director, Human Resources and Labor Relations; Dean of Academic Affairs, Sciences and Mathematics; Dean of North County Campus and South County Center; and Police Sergeant

IVB.85 ACCJC January 2010 Action Letter

IVB.86 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2010-2013

IVB.87 2010 Separation Incentive Plan

IVB.88 2010 Follow Up Report (Separation Incentive Plan)

IVB.89 ACCJC 2011 January Action Letter

IVB.90 SLOCCCD Cuesta College Educational Master Plan 2011-2016

IVB.91 SLOCCCD Facilities Master Plan 2011-2021

IVB.92 ACCJC 2012 January Action Letter

IVB.93 SLOCCCD 2012 Show Cause Report

IVB.94 SLOCCCD 2012 Closure Report

IVB.95 ACCJC February 2013 Action Letter

IVB.96 2013 Planning Processes Assessment Results

IVB.97 President’s Cabinet Minutes

IVB.98 President’s Calendar Appointment screenshot with Director of Institutional Research

IVB.99 President’s Cluster Plan 2013-2014

IVB.100 Appointment of Research Analyst

IVB.101 Spring 2013 Opening Day Agenda

IVB.102 Dr. Stork Email March 10, 2013

IVB.103 Board of Trustees Minutes, October 2013

IVB.104 Institutional Program Planning and Review (IPPR) Document

IVB.105 2013 Resource Allocation Rubric

IVB.106 Board Minutes of Student Learning Outcomes Coordinators

IVB.107 2013 Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes Report

IVB.108 Board of Trustees Minutes Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes Presentation

IVB.109 Community College League of California Policy Procedure Updates

IVB.110 Long Term Budget Reduction Plan

IVB.111 President’s Email

IVB.112 Cabinet Minutes

IVB.113 College Council Minutes

IVB.114 Planning and Budget Committee Agenda

IVB.115 Board of Trustees Minutes

IVB.116 SLOCCCD Audit 2012-2013

IVB.117 Board of Trustees Minutes, January 2014

IVB.118 Annual Board Development Plan

IVB.119 Board of Trustees Minutes (budget workshops)

IVB.120 Budget Update, March 6, 2013

IVB.121 Business Partner Membership List

IVB.122 Letter to Chamber of Commerce Executives

IVB.123 Advisory Group Meeting Agenda

IVB.124 President’s Schedule of Speaking Engagements/Speeches

IVB.125 Good Morning SLO Schedule and Attendance Roster

IVB.126 Liaison Appointment Notification Letters

IVB.127 Dr. Stork’s List of Organization Memberships

IVB.128 List of Presentations

IVB.129 Business Partners’ Membership