III.C.1 Student Training Online Orientation Tech Training Screen Shots

III.C.2 Student Tech Tips Channel

III.C.3 How-To Materials for Students

III.C.4 Moodle Quick Reference for Students

III.C.5 MyCuesta Monday Orientation Script

III.C.6 Local High School MyCuesta Monday Out of District Athlete Orientation and Registration Orientation Planning

III.C.7 My Courses for Faculty Quick Reference

III.C.8 MyCuesta Faculty Tasks List

III.C.9 Audiovisual Inventory Fall 2013

III.C.10 Computer Inventory MITT Fall 2013

III.C.11 Cuesta College Home Page

III.C.12 SharePoint Committees Home Page Screenshot

III.C.13 Enrollment Reports, Institutional Research Web Page

III.C.14 Student Characteristics Reports, Institutional Research Web Page

III.C.15 State and Federal Outcomes Reports, Institutional Research Web Page

III.C.16 Student Achievement Data, Institutional Research Web Page

III.C.17 Program Review Data, Institutional Research Web Page

III.C.18 Student Surveys, Institutional Research Web Page

III.C.19 Institutional Research Home Page

III.C.20 Institutional Research Master Database Screenshot

III.C.21 Institutional Research SPSS Screenshot

III.C.22 Institutional Research Remark Office OMR Screenshot

III.C.23 Institutional Research Automate Screenshot

III.C.24 Institutional Research Survey Monkey Screenshot

III.C.25 Institutional Research Web Remark Screenshot

III.C.26 American College Health Association National College Health Assessment Survey Memo

III.C.27 Student Application Supplemental Questions

III.C.28 Strata Information Group Trip Report: Faculty Load Monitoring – Peralta Rule

III.C.29 Faculty Load Tracking Report Work Order

III.C.30 Banner Student Faculty Loading Reports and Procedures

III.C.31 Institutional Planning Processes Assessment Recommendations

III.C.32 Planning and Budget Committee Minutes, October 2013

III.C.33 SLOCCCD Institutional Program Planning and Review (IPPR) Document 2013-2014

III.C.34 Program Planning Review, Institutional Research Web Page

III.C.35 Annual Program Planning Worksheet, Library, 2013-2014

III.C.36 Central IT Unit Plan FY 2011-2012

III.C.37 Central IT Unit Plan FY 2012-2013

III.C.38 Central IT Unit Plan FY 2013-2014

III.C.39 Central IT Unit Plan FY 2011-2012 Core Switch Requested

III.C.40 2011-2012 Planning and Budget Prioritization of Resource Allocation

III.C.41 Central IT Unit Plan FY 2012-2013 Core Switch Reported

III.C.42 SLOCCCD Annual Technology Assessment and Review, Fall 2013, Page 14-15

III.C.43 Computer Services Annual Program Planning Worksheet 2013-2014

III.C.44 Computer Services Unit Plan 2013-2014

III.C.45 Unit Plan Technology Request Worksheet FY 2013-2014

III.C.46 All Technology Requests Spring 2011

III.C.47 All Technology Requests Spring 2012

III.C.48 All Technology Requests Spring 2013

III.C.49 Recommendation to Planning and Budget Spring 2010

III.C.50 Recommendation to Planning and Budget Spring 2011

III.C.51 Recommendation to Planning and Budget Spring 2012

III.C.52 Recommendation to Planning and Budget Spring 2013

III.C.53 Faculty Technology Survey 2009

III.C.54 Faculty Technology Survey 2010

III.C.55 Faculty Technology Survey 2011-2012

III.C.56 Faculty Technology Survey 2012-2013

III.C.57 Faculty Technology Survey Results 2013

III.C.58 Faculty Technology Survey Results Nursing 2013

III.C.59 Computer Inventory 2011

III.C.60 Computer Inventory September 2012

III.C.61 Computer Inventory Labs Fall 2013

III.C.62 Computer Inventory Administration Fall 2013

III.C.63 AV Inventory 2011

III.C.64 Annual Technology Plan Spring 2008

III.C.65 Annual Technology Plan Spring 2009

III.C.66 Annual Technology Plan Fall 2010

III.C.67 Annual Technology Plan Fall 2011

III.C.68 Annual Technology Plan Fall 2012

III.C.69 Annual Technology Plan Fall 2013

III.C.70 Technology Committee Agenda, May 9, 2014

III.C.71 Computer Services Work Order RT2878 Slow Network 4100

III.C.72 Computer Services Work Order RT13501 Upgrade Network 4100

III.C.73 Computer Services Technology Training Assessment February 2013

III.C.74 SLOCCCD Technology Plan 2012-2017, Revised Spring 2012

III.C.75 SLOCCCD, Cuesta College Educational Master Plan 2011-2016 Addendum

III.C.76 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2012-2014

III.C.77 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2012

III.C.78 Master Plan District SWOT Results

III.C.79 Master Plan Technology Committee SWOT Results

III.C.80 Master Plan Technology Committee Compare SWOT to Strategic Plan

III.C.81 Computer Services Work Order RT9961 SharePoint

III.C.82 How Technology Planning is Integrated Flowchart

III.C.83 Priority Chart for Tech Committee 2012

III.C.84 Resource Allocation Rubric 2013

III.C.85 Planning and Budget Institutional Program Planning Allocation 2009-2010

III.C.86 Planning and Budget 2010-2011 Budget Prioritization

III.C.87 Planning and Budget 2011-2012 Budget Prioritization

III.C.88 Planning and Budget 2012-2013 Budget Prioritization

III.C.89 Planning and Budget 2013-2014 Resource Allocation Priorities

III.C.90 Cabinet Approved Planning and Budget Recommendation June 2012

III.C.91 Committee Membership List 2012-2013

III.C.92 Academic Senate Agenda, March 22, 2013

III.C.93 College Council Minutes, March 26, 2013

III.C.94 Best Practices for Distance Education Pedagocial Readiness for Faculty

III.C.95 Best Practices for Distance Education Technology Readiness for Faculty

III.C.96 Distance Education Curriculum Requirement

III.C.97 Administrative Procedure 4105 (Academic Senate Approval)

III.C.98 SLOCCCD Spring 2013 Progress Report, pages 17-22

III.C.99 Learning Management System Migration

III.C.100 Distance Education Faculty Survey 2009

III.C.101 Distance Education Faculty Survey Comments 2009

III.C.102 Remote Learner Contract

III.C.103 Moodle AtOne Training Invoices

III.C.104 Moodle AtOne Flex Days Training

III.C.105 Technology Resource Instructor MOU 2012-2013

III.C.106 MOUs Summer 2012 and Summer 2013

III.C.107 Technology Resource Instructor MOU 2013-2014

III.C.108 Moodle Training Calendar Summer 2012

III.C.109 Distance Education Faculty Survey 2013

III.C.110 Moodle Faculty Resources

III.C.111 Moodle Faculty Training

III.C.112 Moodle Student Quick Reference

III.C.113 Moodle Student Support

III.C.114 Distance Education Fall 2012 Satisfaction Survey CCCCO

III.C.115 EduStream

III.C.116 EduStream Quick Reference

III.C.117 3C Media Solutions Home Page

III.C.118 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Model

III.C.119 Distance Education Moodle Follow-up Survey

III.C.120 Distance Education Student Survey Results Cuesta College Summary Report

III.C.121 Computer Services Organization Chart

III.C.122 Computer Services Outcomes

III.C.123 Technology Plan Appendix A Initiatives and Objectives

III.C.124 Training Topics Surveys

III.C.125 Faculty Technology Survey Results 2009

III.C.126 Faculty Technology Survey Results 2010

III.C.127 Faculty Technology Survey Results 2011-2012

III.C.128 Faculty Technology Survey Results 2012-2013

III.C.129 Computer Services Work Order RT15868 Camtasia Training

III.C.130 Computer Services Work Order RT14958 OU Training

III.C.131 Computer Services Work Order RT13585 LPW Training and Docs

III.C.132 Financial Aid Unit Plan Technology Requests 2013-2014

III.C.133 Training Classes 2007-2013

III.C.134 Training Class Announcement

III.C.135 Student Technology Survey 2012-2013, Question #15

III.C.136 Student Training myCuesta Student Survey

III.C.137 Training Classes Sample

III.C.138 Training Drop Roster Schedule and Attendees

III.C.139 Training Online Drop Roster

III.C.140 Drop Roster All Campus Email

III.C.141 Training Class Descriptions

III.C.142 Training Online Offerings

III.C.143 Training Video Options

III.C.144 Training How To Materials

III.C.145 Training Specialized Spring 2012

III.C.146 Training Follow-up Questionnaire

III.C.147 Training Follow-up Survey 2008-2011

III.C.148 Help Desk Phone Log

III.C.149 Technology Plan Progress Reports Spring 2012

III.C.150 Technology Plan Progress Reports October 2012

III.C.151 Technology Plan Progress Reports December 2012

III.C.152 Technology Plan Progress Reports Spring 2013

III.C.153 Technology Related Degrees Certificates

III.C.154 Analytics

III.C.155 Student Training Fall 2008-2013 Orientation

III.C.156 Student Training myCuesta Monday Narrative Fall 2012

III.C.157 Student Training myCuesta Monday Narrative Fall 2010

III.C.158 Financial Aid Student Loan Checklist

III.C.159 My Financial Aid Status Login

III.C.160 Financial Aid Student Training FAFSA 2010-2011

III.C.161 Financial Aid Student Training FAFSA 2011-2012

III.C.162 Financial Aid Student Training FAFSA 2012-2013

III.C.163 Financial Aid Student Training FAFSA 2013-2014

III.C.164 Financial Aid Cash For College Flier

III.C.165 EOPS Student Training Scholarship Application

III.C.166 DSPS Technology Courses

III.C.167 Student Training Transfer Center

III.C.168 Facilities Services Organization Chart

III.C.169 Library Organization Chart

III.C.170 Support Contract 2008-2009

III.C.171 Support Contract 2009-2010

III.C.172 Support Contract 2010-2011

III.C.173 Support Contract 2011-2012

III.C.174 Support Contract 2012-2013

III.C.175 Support Contract 2013-2014

III.C.176 Technology Committee Computer Replacement Criteria

III.C.177 Central IT Computer Replacement 2012-2013

III.C.178 Final 2012-2013 Technology Spending

III.C.179 Foundation Board Central IT

III.C.180 Cabinet Minutes Technology Fee

III.C.181 Student Technology Survey Results 2012-2013, Question 20 and 21

III.C.182 Technology Committee Minutes, September 13, 2013

III.C.183 Wiki: UPS Configuration. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.184 Wiki: Patch Deployment. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.185 Wiki: Patch Process Banner. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.186 Wiki: Patch Windows Servers. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.187 Wiki: Antivirus Windows PC. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.188 Wiki: Antivirus Mac. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.189 Wiki: Antivirus Server. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.190 Wiki: Redundant Firewalls at the Edge. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.191 Wiki: Network ACLs. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.192 Wiki: Network Monitoring Uptime Performance. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.193 Wiki: System Monitoring. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.194 Wiki: Backup Environment. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.195 Wiki: Backup Retention. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.196 Support Contract Preventive Monitoring

III.C.197 Digital West Contract

III.C.198 Phishing Tips and Tricks

III.C.199 Phishing Warning 2

III.C.200 Student Phishing

III.C.201 Student Phishing Checklist

III.C.202 Computer Services Work Order RT15672 Slow Computer

III.C.203 Computer Services Work Order RT16017 Monitor Issue

III.C.204 Ricoh Contract

III.C.205 Inventory Wired Wireless

III.C.206 Inventory Servers

III.C.207 Computer Services RT Custom Fields

III.C.208 Wiki: Account Creation. (Available to the team onsite only)

III.C.209 Password Required Wireless Access

III.C.210 Computer Services Comprehensive Program Planning and Review 2012-2013

III.C.211 Central IT Budget Created

III.C.212 Foundation Board of Trustees Central IT Commitment

III.C.213 RT New ESX Server

III.C.214 Technology Committee Minutes, March 22, 2013

III.C.215 Lab Consolidation Plan 2013

III.C.216 Lab Consolidation Email

III.C.217 Planning and Budget Minutes, February 15, 2011, Central IT Priorities

III.C.218 SLOCCCD Facilities Master Plan 2011-2021; Page 6, Theme 1; Page 18, Distance Ed; Page 25, Facilities Needs at Program Level; Page 43, Utilities

III.C.219 Math Unit Plan Worksheet, Facilities and Technology Tabs, 2013-2014

III.C.220 SLOCCCD, Cuesta College Technology Plan 2012-2017

III.C.221 SLOCCCD, Cuesta College Educational Master Plan 2011-2016

III.C.222 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2010-2013

III.C.223 Follow Up Report and Visit for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, November 10, 2011

III.C.224 Remove English Computers RT10904

III.C.225 LabConsolidation RT12705

III.C.226 Planning and Budget Committee Initiatives 2013-2014