PA.1 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2013, Timeline and Process for Reviewing the SLOCCCD Mission

PA.2 Board of Trustees Minutes, May 1, 2013

PA.3 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2012-2014

PA.4 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2014-2017

PA.5 Board of Trustees Minutes, March 7, 2012

PA.6 Board of Trustees Minutes, October 3, 2012

PA.7 Board of Trustees Minutes, October 2, 2013

PA.8 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2013

PA.9 Resource Allocation Rubric 2013

PA.10 Planning and Budget: District’s 2013-2014 Allocation Priorities

PA.11 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2012

PA.12 "Reflecting and Refining: Moving Towards Sustainable SLO Implementation" PowerPoint, January 17, 2013

PA.13 Mapped Course and Program Outcomes Tool

PA.14 "Sustainable Direct Assessment" PowerPoint, January 15, 2014

PA.15 Student Services 2012-2013 Assessment Report; 2013-2014 Student Learning Outcomes Planning

PA.16 Principles Statement on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Signed by the Academic Senate, Cuesta College Federation of Teachers and the College Administration in May 2010

PA.17 SLOCCCD Institutional Program Planning and Review Document, 2014-2015

PA.18 Cuesta College Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Co-Coordinators Memorandum of Understanding and Position Description

PA.19 Academic Senate Minutes, May 14, 2010

PA.20 Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment on Institutional Research Website

PA.21 Current Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC) Report on Institutional Research Website

PA.22 Enrollment Management on Institutional Research Website

PA.23 Program Review on Institutional Research Website

PA.24 Program Degree/Certificate Completions

PA.25 SLOCCCD Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes Report 2013

PA.26 Student Characteristics Report on Institutional Research Website

PA.27 Student Characteristics and Enrollment Trends, 2009-2013

PA.28 Board Policy 4020

PA.29 Administrative Procedure 4021

PA.30 High School Specific Orientations

PA.31 MyCuesta Mondays

PA.32 Online Orientation Program

PA.33 Connect@Cuesta Committee End of Year Report for 2012-2013

PA.34 English as a Second Language Orientation PowerPoint

PA.35 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Orientation Invitation

PA.36 International Students Orientation Invitation

PA.37 Athletics/Make Up Orientation Agenda

PA.38 Out of District Athlete Orientation Web Page

PA.39 Student Services Chart, Standard II.B.3.a

PA.40 Library Unit Plan 2013-2014

PA.41 Nursing Division Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Invoice

PA.42 2012-2013 Foundation Grant Request Toward Converting Heavily Used VHS to Closed Captioned DVD or Streaming Video

PA.43 2012-2013 Foundation Grant Request Toward Library Books and Media

PA.44 Associated Students of Cuesta College Budget Allocations 2013-2014

PA.45 Cuesta College Friends of the Library Minutes, April 24, 2013

PA.46 Reference Desk Schedule Fall 2013

PA.47 CTEA Funding Library/Information Technology, 2013-2014

PA.48 Distance Education Faculty Survey, 2009

PA.49 Distance Education Faculty Survey, 2009 Comments

PA.50 Learning Management System Specialist Job Description

PA.51 Learning Management System Migration

PA.52 Moodle At One Flex Days Training

PA.53 Technology Resource Instructor Memorandum of Understanding, Fiscal Year 2013-2014

PA.54 Technology Resource Instructor Memorandum of Understanding, Summer 2013

PA.55 Distance Education Best Practices Pedagogical Readiness

PA.56 Distance Education Best Practices Technological Readiness

PA.57 Administrative Procedure 4105

PA.58 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 2715

PA.59 Administrative Procedure 3050

PA.60 Board Policy 2710

PA.61 Administrative Procedure 2710

PA.62 Board Policy 1550

PA.63 Board Policy 3006

PA.64 Five Year Capital Outlay Plan

PA.65 Hourly Conversion Positions List

PA.66 Board Policy 2305

PA.67 Planning and Budget Budget Criteria 2013-2014

PA.68 College Council Faculty Prioritization Subcommittee Agenda, November 26, 2013

PA.69 Full Time Faculty Obligation Compliance, Fall 2009-2012

PA.70 Analysis of Compliance with the 50 Percent Law

PA.71 EEO Plan

PA.72 EEO Selection and Interview Checklist

PA.73 Selection Committee EEO Training

PA.74 Analysis of Applicant Pool 2012-2013

PA.75 Board Policy 7100

PA.76 Flex Program Evaluation: Student Mental Health 101

PA.77 Board of Trustees Diversity Training, March 5, 2014

PA.78 Human Resources Website

PA.79 Faculty Professional Development Committee

PA.80 Management Professional Development Committee

PA.81 Staff Professional Development Committee

PA.82 Conference Shared Learning Form

PA.83 Integrated Planning Template – New Facility

PA.84 SLOCCCD Technology Plan 2012-2017, Revised Spring 2012

PA.85 Planning and Budget 2010 Technology Proposal

PA.86 Planning and Budget Minutes, April 20, 2010

PA.87 Planning and Budget Minutes, May 1, 2012

PA.88 How Technology Planning Is Integrated With the District’s Planning Process Diagram

PA.89 2011-2012 Planning and Budget Prioritization

PA.90 Planning and Budget Minutes, Feb. 1 2011, Humanities Forum Upgrade

PA.91 Central IT Budget Created

PA.92 Planning and Budget Minutes, May 3, 2011, New Facilities Template

PA.93 New Facilities Template North County Fox Building

PA.94 SLOCCCD Annual Technology Assessment and Review Fall 2012

PA.95 SLOCCCD Participatory Governance: Decision Making and Committee Handbook

PA.96 College Council SharePoint Site

PA.97 Institutional Research Website

PA.98 Accreditation Website

PA.99 President’s Forums

PA.100 Board Policy 1035 and Administrative Procedure R 1035

PA.101 SLOCCCD Committee Initiatives and Reporting 2013-2014

PA.102 College Council 2012-2013 End-of-Year Assessment, May 2013

PA.103 Faculty Prioritization Assessment of 2013-2014 Process Compiled Report

PA.104 Committees, Governance, and Integrated Planning Workshop PowerPoint, August 16, 2012

PA.105 Employee Invitation to Fall 2012 Opening Day

PA.106 Governance Workshop 2013 PowerPoint and Sign-up Sheet

PA.107 2011 Job Satisfaction Survey Results

PA.108 2013 Job Satisfaction Survey Results

PA.109 2013 Cuesta College Job Satisfaction Survey Results, 2011-2013

PA.110 Tracking of 2008 Planning Agendas

PA.111 Board Policy 2410

PA.112 Administrative Procedure 2410

PA.113 Board Policy 2740

PA.114 Board Development Plan 2013-2014 Calendar

PA.115 SLOCCCD Cuesta College Board of Trustees 2014 Meeting Schedule

PA.116 Board of Trustees Minutes, January 5, 2011

PA.117 Integrated Planning Calendar 2012-2013

PA.118 Integrated Planning Calendar 2013-2014

PA.119 Integrated Planning Calendar 2014-2015

PA.120 Integrated Planning Calendar 2015-2016

PA.121 Integrated Planning Calendar 2016-2017

PA.122 Summary of Progress Reports in President’s Cabinet Meetings

PA.123 Integrated Planning Training 2013 PowerPoint

PA.124 Strategic Planning Workshop Email

PA.125 Accreditation Website with All Planning Documents

PA.126 2013 Planning Process Assessment

PA.127 Distance Education Faculty Survey, March 2013

PA.128 Moodle Contact List

PA.129 Moodle Basics Course Screenshots

PA.130 Faculty Moodle Basics Feedback Survey

PA.131 Student Technology Survey 2012-2013

PA.132 Student Technology Survey Results 2012-2013

PA.133 Planning and Budget Minutes, February 5, 2013

PA.134 President’s Forum Invitation, March 17, 2014

PA.135 The California Community College Workshop on EDGAR, OMB Cost and Audit Circulars, and Release of New OMB Super Circular

PA.136 Cuesta College Actuarial Study of Retiree Health Benefits, February 1, 2014

PA.137 “CCC Sound Fiscal Management Self-Assessment Checklist”