II.B.1 San Luis Obispo Community College District Mission Statement

II.B.2 Student Characteristics and Enrollment Trends

II.B.3 2012-2013 K-12 District Participation in District Activities

II.B.4 Board Policy 5010 (Admission and Concurrent Enrollment)

II.B.5 Getting Started at Cuesta College Handout

II.B.6 Counseling Website

II.B.7 Cuesta Promise Flier

II.B.8 Orientation Welcome Packet

II.B.9 SLO Campus High School Orientation Narrative Fall 2012

II.B.10 myCuesta Monday and Makeup Orientation Narrative Fall 2012

II.B.11 Online Orientation

II.B.12 Orientation Flow Chart 2013-2014

II.B.13 College Catalog – Student Services Section, Pages 13-39

II.B.14 Student Success Centers Website

II.B.15 Student Email Spring Academic Standings

II.B.16 SLOCCCD Strategic Planning 2014-2017, September 12, 2013

II.B.17 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2012-2014

II.B.18 SLOCCCD Strategic Plan 2014-2017

II.B.19 Student Services Assessment Report 2012-2013/Student Learning Outcomes Planning 2013-2014

II.B.20 Institutional Program Planning and Review (IPPR) Document 2014-2015

II.B.21 Student Services Web Retreat Agenda Email

II.B.22 Student Services Leader Retreat, July 23, 2013

II.B.23 Student Learning Outcomes Workshop Feedback Notes, February 28, 2013

II.B.24 Student Learning Outcomes Workshop Minutes, December 13, 2013

II.B.25 Schedule of Classes

II.B.26 SLOCCCD Annual Financial Report, June 30, 2013

II.B.27 Cuesta College CalWORKS Plan 2013-2014

II.B.28 Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) and Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) Program Plan 2012-2013

II.B.29 Cuesta College Catalog 2013-2014

II.B.30 Catalog Development and Timeline 2013-2014

II.B.31 Catalog Assignments 2014-2015

II.B.32 Cuesta College Catalog 2012-2013 Table of Contents

II.B.33 Cuesta College Catalog 2013-2014 Table of Contents

II.B.34 Educational Master Plan Addendum Workshop

II.B.35 SLOCCCD Cuesta College Educational Master Plan 2011-2016 Addendum

II.B.36 Financial Aid Survey 2009

II.B.37 Edúcate -Si Se Puede (Latino High School Students) Survey 2013

II.B.38 North County Student Survey 2013

II.B.39 Student Support Services Survey for 24-40 Cohort 2013

II.B.40 Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) 2012

II.B.41 American College Health Association National College Health Assessment II 2013

II.B.42 Health Services Student Learning Outcomes

II.B.43 Financial Aid Student Learning Outcomes

II.B.44 Financial Aid TV

II.B.45 Fall 2013 Service Hours

II.B.46 Edúcate Conference Wrap-Up Report

II.B.47 Student Success Plan Problem Chart May 2012 Update

II.B.48 Bilingual Online Admission Application

II.B.49 Admissions and Records Policies and Forms

II.B.50 myCuesta Portal

II.B.51 Online Class Schedule and Catalog

II.B.52 Priority Registration Grid

II.B.53 Administrative Procedure 5055 (Enrollment Priorities)

II.B.54 Waitlist Stats

II.B.55 Admissions and Records Annual Program Planning and Review and Unit Plan Worksheets

II.B.56 Student Services Surveys/Spanish and English

II.B.57 Financial Aid Annual Program Planning and Review and Unit Plan Worksheets

II.B.58 Financial Aid Website

II.B.59 Health Services Website

II.B.60 Health Services Annual Program Planning and Review and Unit Plan Worksheets

II.B.61 Health Services End of Year Report

II.B.62 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Website

II.B.63 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Progress Report

II.B.64 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Orientation Invite

II.B.65 Retention Workshop Flier

II.B.66 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Lending Library Contract

II.B.67 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Study Area/Computer Lab

II.B.68 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Grants From Foundation and Associated Students of Cuesta College

II.B.69 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Annual Program Planning and Review and Unit Plan Worksheets

II.B.70 Extended Opportunity Program and Services Student Learning Outcomes Survey

II.B.71 ESL Comprehensive Program Planning and Review

II.B.72 ESL Retention PowerPoint

II.B.73 North County ESL Orientation

II.B.74 ESL Website

II.B.75 CalWORKs Web Page

II.B.76 CalWORKs Annual Program Planning and Review

II.B.77 Counseling Website

II.B.78 Chat Website

II.B.79 Online Orientation

II.B.80 Counseling Website

II.B.81 Counseling Annual Program Planning and Review - Unit Plan Worksheets, 2014-2015

II.B.82 Counseling Annual Program Planning and Review - Unit Plan Worksheets, 2013-2014

II.B.83 Disabled Student Programs and Services Website

II.B.84 Disabled Student Programs and Service Accommodations

II.B.85 Student Education Contract

II.B.86 Disabled Student Programs and Service Annual Program Planning and Review - Unit Plan Worksheets

II.B.87 Disabled Student Programs and Service EOY Expenditure Report 2012-2013

II.B.88 Assessment Calendar

II.B.89 Proctoring Services

II.B.90 Local High School Assessment Schedule

II.B.91 Assessment Coordinator Interview

II.B.92 Student Life Website

II.B.93 Student Life and Leadership Comprehensive Program Planning and Review - Unit Plan Worksheets

II.B.94 2012-2013 Student Club Brochure

II.B.95 Student Life and Leadership Program Assessment Cycle

II.B.96 Veterans Center Website

II.B.97 Veterans Center Facebook

II.B.98 Steps to Start your GI Bill Benefits

II.B.99 Veteran Student Survey

II.B.100 Bookstore Website

II.B.101 Bookstore Administrative Services Outcomes

II.B.102 Cashier Website

II.B.103 Cashier Administrative Services Outcomes

II.B.104 Public Safety Website

II.B.105 North County Campus Radios/Panic Buttons

II.B.106 North County Campus Executive Dean Notes Regarding South County

II.B.107 AlertU Sign-Up

II.B.108 Public Safety Outcomes

II.B.109 Clery Act Stats

II.B.110 Student Success Center Student Request Form

II.B.111 Student Success Center Evaluation of Tutor

II.B.112 Board Policy 1034

II.B.113 Board Policy 2305

II.B.114 Board Policy 5000

II.B.115 Board Policy 6000

II.B.116 Board Policy 2100

II.B.117 2012 Institutional Learning Outcomes

II.B.118 Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment Report 2012

II.B.119 Board Policy 5500

II.B.120 New Student Athlete Out-of-District Orientation Agenda

II.B.121 New Student Orientation: Longitudinal Look

II.B.122 Student Questionnaire

II.B.123 Psych Tech Orientation Meetings

II.B.124 Student Services Contract

II.B.125 2012-2013 Connect@Cuesta Report

II.B.126 FLEX Mental Health Flier

II.B.127 Mental Health Fliers

II.B.128 Mental Health Events

II.B.129 2012-2013 Athlete of the Year Banquet

II.B.130 Associated Students of Cuesta College Constitution April 2012

II.B.131 Associated Students of Cuesta College Bylaws

II.B.132 Associated Students of Cuesta College Election Fliers

II.B.133 New Clubs Packet

II.B.134 Student Satisfaction Survey

II.B.135 2012-2013 Associated Students of Cuesta College Minutes

II.B.136 Student Support Resolution Specialist Job Description

II.B.137 Associated Students of Cuesta College Club Representatives

II.B.138 Institutional Objective 5.2 Workgroup Grid

II.B.139 Counseling and Instructor Liaisons With Local High Schools

II.B.140 Institutional Objective 2.2 Workgroup Grid

II.B.141 General Education and Graduation Requirements for Associate Degree

II.B.142 CSU General Education Requirements

II.B.143 Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

II.B.144 Prerequisite Clearance Form for Prerequisite Coursework Completed at Other Institutions

II.B.145 Career Planning Web Page

II.B.146 Student Success Tips Web Page

II.B.147 Academic Probation Dismissal Policy Web Page

II.B.148 Engineering Flow Chart – Transfer

II.B.149 Retention Data Presentation 2011

II.B.150 April 2013 Board of Trustee Associate Degree for Transfer Presentation

II.B.151 2008 Intradepartmental Training Presentation

II.B.152 Enrollment Management Minutes, September 11, 2012

II.B.153 SLOCCCD Spring 2013 Progress Report

II.B.154 Enrollment Management Initiative Task Force Members

II.B.155 Enrollment Management Initiative 3.2

II.B.156 Enrollment Management Plan 2012-2014 Progress Report

II.B.157 Counselor Liaisons with Cuesta Departments

II.B.158 Smart Question and Answer System

II.B.159 Smart Question and Answer Training

II.B.160 International Student Welcome Letter

II.B.161 Counseling Staff Meeting Agenda

II.B.162 Academic Progress Dismissal Reinstatement Spring 2013

II.B.163 Enrollment Management Marketing Plan Initiative Six

II.B.164 Student Learning Outcomes Students on Academic/Progress Dismissal Student Questionnaire

II.B.165 Basic Skills Classroom English and Math

II.B.166 Basic Skills Classroom Visits ESL 5 and ESL 6

II.B.167 Counseling Classroom Outreach Grid Fall 2012

II.B.168 Transfer Center Survey

II.B.169 FERPA A Private Conversation Training

II.B.170 Taking the Fear Out of FERPA

II.B.171 FERPA Workshop Summary

II.B.172 AB540 Meeting, June 25, 2012

II.B.173 UC Counselor Conference 2012 Registration

II.B.174 Professional Conference Attendance

II.B.175 Registration Form CCCAA 2013

II.B.176 FERPA Challenges-Amendments and Rights-Responsibilities

II.B.177 At-Risk Online Training Participation

II.B.178 Student Services All-Staff Quarterly Meetings

II.B.179 Cuesta College Federation of Teachers Bargaining Agreement

II.B.180 Online Orientation Final Page With Links

II.B.181 MyCuesta Student Portal Counseling Channels

II.B.182 Pre-RN Portal Group

II.B.183 Counseling by Phone/Counseling by Email

II.B.184 Online Orientations

II.B.185 Students Ask Counselors a Question

II.B.186 Live Chat

II.B.187 Board Policy 7100 (Commitment to Cultural Competence)

II.B.188 Board Diversity Resolutions

II.B.189 Academic Senate Minutes, February 6, 1996

II.B.190 2011-2013 Cultural Diversity Committee Reports

II.B.191 Cultural Diversity Student Equity Committee Description

II.B.192 Bilingual Stipend Recipient List

II.B.193 Cuesta College Library Multimedia Diversity Holdings

II.B.194 Muslim Poster: Bridging Cultures

II.B.195 Muslim Journeys Collection Award Letter

II.B.196 Diversity-related Trainings

II.B.197 AB540 Workgroup Minutes

II.B.198 Student Mental Health Grant "Creating Spaces"

II.B.199 Mental Health Grant Comprehensive Program Planning and Review

II.B.200 Creating Spaces Website

II.B.201 Student Health Center Website for Mental Health Resources

II.B.202 2012-2013 Student Club Brochure

II.B.203 Book of the Year Fliers

II.B.204 Latina Leadership Network Contributions: Dia de los Muertos

II.B.205 Poetry in Translation Flier

II.B.206 Learning Disabilities Conference

II.B.207 Learning Disabilities Conference Website

II.B.208 No Place for Hate Press Release

II.B.209 Campus of Difference Training

II.B.210 Multicultural Resource Guide

II.B.211 Gender Neutral Bathroom – North County Campus and San Luis Obispo Campus

II.B.212 Diversity Training Board of Trustees

II.B.213 Student Learning Outcomes on CCCApply

II.B.214 Student Learning Outcomes 2012-2013

II.B.215 Open CCC Apply

II.B.216 Nursing Allied Health Selection Committee Minutes

II.B.217 Nursing Allied Health Selection Committee Agenda

II.B.218 Nursing Allied Health Selection Committee Email

II.B.219 Nursing Allied Health Selection Committee Agenda

II.B.220 Accuplacer Site Information

II.B.221 California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Website

II.B.222 Matriculation Handbook, pages 125-205

II.B.223 Matriculation Handbook, page 22

II.B.224 Math Division Meeting Minutes

II.B.225 English Assessment Meeting Minutes

II.B.226 ESL Assessment Meeting Minutes

II.B.227 English Assessment Website

II.B.228 Math Assessment Website

II.B.229 ESL Language Assessment Website

II.B.230 Success Persistence Rates

II.B.231 Success Rate Charts

II.B.232 Board Policy 2600 (Destruction of District Records)

II.B.233 Computer Services Backup Retention Wiki

II.B.234 SLOCCCD Cuesta College Technology Plan 2012-2017

II.B.235 SLOCCCD Annual Technology Assessment and Review Fall 2013

II.B.236 North County Campus Student Services Open/Close Steps

II.B.237 Financial Aid Staff Security and Confidentiality Agreement

II.B.238 Docuteam Contract

II.B.239 Destruction of Class 3 Records Project

II.B.240 Board Policy 5040 (Student Records)

II.B.241 Administrative Procedure 5040 (Student Records)

II.B.242 Administrative Procedure 5045 (Student Records)

II.B.243 Board Policy 4231 (Grade Changes)

II.B.244 Administrative Procedure 4231 (Grade Changes)

II.B.245 FERPA Faculty Orientation Fall 2012

II.B.246 FERPA Faculty Orientation Spring 2013

II.B.247 Fall 2012 Schedule of Classes FERPA Listing

II.B.248 Summary FERPA Guidelines

II.B.249 FERPA at 39 A Historical Overview and Recent Amendments

II.B.250 Student Learning Outcomes Retreat Minutes

II.B.251 Fine Tuning SLOs December 2013

II.B.252 Transit Award

II.B.253 Financial Aid Staff Retreat Notes