III.A.1 Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges

III.A.2 Equivalency Committee Description

III.A.3 Cabinet Minutes, February 5, 2014

III.A.4 Equivalency Process Web Page

III.A.5 Selection Committee EEO Training 2013

III.A.6 Collective Bargaining Agreement between SLOCCCD and the Cuesta College Federation of Teachers AFT Local #4909

III.A.7 Dean Job Description

III.A.8 Human Resources Jobs Web Page

III.A.9 Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3064

III.A.10 Administrative Procedure 7120 (Planning, Recruiting, and Selecting Full-time and Part-time Academic Positions)

III.A.11 Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3013

III.A.12 SLOCCCD College Catalog

III.A.13 Faculty Evaluation Timeline

III.A.14 Faculty Evaluation List and rotation

III.A.15 Evaluation Forms, Human Resource Web Page

III.A.16 Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 4700

III.A.17 Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 4705

III.A.18 Collective Bargaining Agreement between SLOCCCD and the Cuesta College Classified United Employees AFT, Local 4606

III.A.19 Collective Bargaining Agreement between SLOCCCD and the Cuesta College Federation of Teachers AFT Local #4909, Article 7, Pages 29-40

III.A.20 Collective Bargaining Agreement between SLOCCCD and the Cuesta College Federation of Teachers AFT Local #4909, Article 7, Pages 29-33

III.A.21 Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 2065

III.A.22 Management Evaluation Cycle List

III.A.23 Distance Education Faculty Evaluation Form

III.A.24 Board Policy 2305

III.A.25 College Council Minutes

III.A.26 Board Policy 2047

III.A.27 Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 4080

III.A.28 Triennial Review Self Evaluation Form for Full-time Tenured Faculty and Full-time Tenure Track Faculty

III.A.29 Triennial Review Self Evaluation Form for Temporary Faculty

III.A.30 Instructional Faculty Peer Review Evaluation Form

III.A.31 Faculty Orientation Syllabi Suggestions

III.A.32 Job Description Template

III.A.33 Administrative Procedure 3050 (Institutional Code of Ethics)

III.A.34 Board Policy 2715

III.A.35 Board Policy 2710

III.A.36 Board Policy 3006

III.A.37 Faculty Orientation Materials

III.A.38 Board Policy 3720

III.A.39 Board Policy Web Page

III.A.40 Institutional Program Planning and Review (IPPR) Document 2013-2014

III.A.41 College Council Faculty Prioritization Subcommittee Agenda

III.A.42 Board Policy 7120

III.A.43 Personnel Hiring Report, November 13, 2013

III.A.44 Board Policy 2065

III.A.45 Full Time Faculty Obligation Compliance by District

III.A.46 2011-2012 Institutional and Program Planning Allocation Report

III.A.47 Cabinet Personnel Action on the Research Position

III.A.48 Human Resources Recruitment Report for 2012-2013

III.A.49 Board Policy 2000

III.A.50 Administration Web Page link to Organizational Chart

III.A.51 Board Policy 1100

III.A.52 Long term Budget Reduction Plan 2013-17

III.A.53 Hiring Grid 2014

III.A.54 Cabinet Minutes, November 20, 2013

III.A.55 Joint Labor Management Committee Ground Rules

III.A.56 Participatory Governance: Decision-Making and Committee Handbook

III.A.57 Administrative Procedure 2410

III.A.58 Cabinet Managers Minutes, September 18, 2013

III.A.59 FRISK Training Agenda, March 19, 2014

III.A.60 Calendar Screenshot, Vice President Academic Affairs

III.A.61 Board Policy 3010

III.A.62 Board Policy 3066

III.A.63 Board Policy 4000

III.A.64 Board Policy 4081

III.A.65 Board Policy 4202

III.A.66 Board Policy 3095

III.A.67 Board Policy 4700

III.A.68 Board Policy 4705

III.A.69 Board Policy 1565

III.A.70 Board Policy 1570

III.A.71 Board Policy 1575

III.A.72 Board Policy 2600

III.A.73 Executive Director of Human Resources’ Job Description

III.A.74 District Mission Statement Web Page

III.A.75 Job Template Sample

III.A.76 Equal Employment Opportunity Selection and Interview Checklist

III.A.77 Cultural Diversity and Student Equity Committee Equal Employment Opportunity Action Plan 2013-2014 and Committee Description

III.A.78 SLOCCCD Equal Employment Opportunity Plan 2012-2015

III.A.79 Cultural Diversity and Student Equity Committee Membership List 2013-2014, Page 5

III.A.80 Board Policy 1565/ R 1565

III.A.81 Board Policy 1570

III.A.82 Board Policy 1575 / R 1575

III.A.83 Board Policy 7100 Commitment to Cultural Competence

III.A.84 Tentative Agreement for Bilingual Stipend

III.A.85 Diversity Requirement, SLOCCCD College Catalog 2013-2014

III.A.86 Americans with Disabilities Act

III.A.87 Board of Trustees Minutes, March 6, 2013, approving Women’s History Month and the Board’s Commitment to Diversity

III.A.88 Analysis of Applicant Pool, 2012-2013

III.A.89 Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 2065

III.A.90 Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 3080

III.A.91 Board Policy 3095

III.A.92 Board Policy 4520

III.A.93 Board Policy 4530

III.A.94 Board Policy 4531

III.A.95 Board Policy 4815

III.A.96 Sexual Harassment Training Video Brochure

III.A.97 Preventing Discrimination and Harassment PowerPoint

III.A.98 Board Policy 1580

III.A.99 Board Policy 2735

III.A.100 Board Policy 3518

III.A.101 Board Policy / Administrative Procedure 5500

III.A.102 Board Policy 6202

III.A.103 Board Policy 4406

III.A.104 Professional Development Web Page

III.A.105 Classified New Employee Orientation Agenda

III.A.106 Faculty Orientation Agenda and Invite

III.A.107 Tenure Track Faculty Luncheon Timeline

III.A.108 PowerPoint Presentation and Sign-in Sheet

III.A.109 Tip of the Week Technology Training

III.A.110 Cuesta College News, Fall 2013

III.A.111 President’s Innovation and Motivation Fund Report

III.A.112 2013 College Job Satisfaction Survey Results

III.A.113 College Trainings Web Page

III.A.114 SIPE Premium Rebate Program Training

III.A.115 Wellness Arts Grant Website

III.A.116 Board Approved Academic Calendar 2013-2014

III.A.117 Faculty Flex Website (January 2014)

III.A.118 Flex Program Evaluation Form

III.A.119 Faculty Professional Development Committee MyCuesta Channel Screenshot

III.A.120 Tech Training Follow-up Questionnaire

III.A.121 Professional Development for Career Technical Education Faculty

III.A.122 Faculty Resources for Distance Education Website

III.A.123 Institutional Tenure Review Committee Workshop Invite

III.A.124 Board Policy 3251

III.A.125 50th Anniversary Celebration Flier

III.A.126 Professional Development Funding Request Form

III.A.127 Management Professional Development Committee End of Year Report 2012-2013 and Initiatives 2013-2014

III.A.128 Conference Shared Learning Form

III.A.129 Academic Senate Conference Shared Learning Form

III.A.130 Faculty Self Evaluation Form

III.A.131 Board of Trustees Minutes, February 5, 2014

III.A.132 Administrative Services Annual Program Planning Worksheet

III.A.133 Administrative Services Cluster and Program Outcomes, Human Resources

III.A.134 Benefits Committee End of Year Report

III.A.135 Budget Reduction Plan, President’s Cluster