III.D.1. SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2012

III.D.2. Institutional Program Planning and Review (IPPR) Document 2013-2014

III.D.3. Sample Department/Division List of Priorities

III.D.4. Matrix Priority Ranking and Immediate Need from Institutional Program Planning and Review and Cluster Priority Technology Items

III.D.5. Cluster Annual Plan 2011-2012 for Math, Biology, Nursing/Allied Health, PE and Athletics and Physical Science

III.D.6. Resource Allocation Rubric 2013

III.D.7. SLOCCCD 2012-2013 Allocation Priorities

III.D.8. SLOCCCD Final Budget 2012-2013

III.D.9. Board of Trustees Minutes, June 6, 2012

III.D.10. Board of Trustees Minutes, September 13, 2012

III.D.11. Institutional Program Planning and Review Worksheets 2013-2014

III.D.12 Board Policy 6200

III.D.13. SLOCCCD Long-Term Fiscal Plan 2012-2016

III.D.14. Board Policy 7340

III.D.15. Actuarial Study of Retiree Health Liabilities as of October 1, 2009

III.D.16. Integrated Planning Template – New Facility

III.D.17. 2012-2013 Committee Membership List

III.D.18. Budget Reduction Plan 2011-2012

III.D.19. Budget Reduction Plan 2012-2013

III.D.20. Board of Trustees Minutes, April 4, 2012

III.D.21. Long Term Budget Reduction Plan 2013-2017

III.D.22. Board of Trustees Agenda, October 3, 2012

III.D.23. Committees, Governance, and Integrated Planning Workshop PowerPoint

III.D.24. Accreditation 101 PowerPoint for Fall 2012 Opening Day

III.D.25. Board Policy 7000

III.D.26. Community College League of California’s Sound Fiscal Management Self-Assessment Checklist

III.D.27. SLOCCCD 2012-2016 Long-Term Fiscal Plan Appendix C

III.D.28. 2011-2012 Financial Projections Budget Forecasting Tool

III.D.29. Board Policy 2765

III.D.30. SLOCCCD Annual Financial Report 2009-2010

III.D.31. SLOCCCD Annual Financial Report 2010-2011

III.D.32. Sample Division Training Materials for To Be Arranged Hours

III.D.33. Workforce Investment Act Fiscal and Procurement Administration On-Site Monitoring Guide Fiscal Year 2010-2011

III.D.34. Processing Uncleared Refund and Financial Aid Checks

III.D.35. Job Satisfaction Survey August 2011

III.D.36. Cuesta College Foundation Audit 2010-2011

III.D.37. SLOCCCD and San Luis Obispo County Office of Education 2012 Federal Compliance Training

III.D.38. Standard & Poors Rating Direct

III.D.39. Board of Trustees Minutes, October 13, 2012

III.D.40. Self Insurance Program for Employees – Monthly Statistical Breakdown June 2012

III.D.41. Certified Unified Program Agency Hazardous Waste Materials Inspection Form

III.D.42. Board Policy 6340

III.D.43. Independent Auditors Report

III.D.44. Federal Compliance Training Fall 2012

III.D.45. Board Policy 7340

III.D.46. Actuarial Study of Retiree Health Liabilities 2012

III.D.47. Entrance Counseling Guide for Direct Loan Borrowers

III.D.48. Exit Counseling Guide for Federal Student Loan Borrowers

III.D.49. Cuesta College Assets Purchased With Federal Funds

III.D.50. Instructional Services Contract with Atascadero State Hospital to Jointly Offer a Psychiatric Technician Program

III.D.51. Contracts With Local Hospital and Clinics to Provide Clinical Sites for Following Health Sciences Programs: Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Medical Assisting, Nursing Assistant, Registered and Vocational Nursing, Phlebotomy, Psychiatric Technician 

III.D.52. A Memorandum of Understanding with Allan Hancock College Confirming the Agreement That Each District Will Offer Specific Career Technical Education Programs Within Each Other’s District Boundaries 

III.D.53. Board of Trustees Minutes, April 10, 2013

III.D.54. Certificate of Approval for Atascadero State Hospital/Cuesta College Psychiatric Technician Program

III.D.55. Report of Fiscal Status April 6, 2012 Prepared by Michael Hill, Consultant, College Brain Trust

III.D.56. SLOCCCD Spring 2013 Progress Report

III.D.57. SLOCCCD Final Budget 2012-2013 with Institutional Objectives Fund