IVA.1 ACCJC SLO Rubric Self-Assessment, 2013

IVA.2 Course or Program Assessment Summary

IVA.3 Student Development and Success Division Retreat Agenda and Minutes

IVA.4 Math Division Student Learning Outcomess Retreat Agenda

IVA.5 Management Professional Development Committee and Staff Professional Development Committee Reports

IVA.6 Foundation Grants List, 2010-2013, Presented to Planning and Budget, December 2013

IVA.7 Faculty Mentoring Partners List, Fall 2013

IVA.8 Statewide Academic Senate Conference Attendee List

IVA.9 Accreditation Institute Attendees List

IVA.10 Faculty and Administrators Serving on Accreditation Teams List

IVA.11 ACCJC Regional Workshop “More Than Numbers” PowerPoint, April 19, 2013

IVA.12 President’s Innovation and Motivation Fund Awardees

IVA.13 2013-2014 CTE Programs and Top Codes for Funding

IVA.14 Faculty Professional Development Grant Recipients

IVA.15 Divisional and Dean Budget-Funded Faculty Professional Development, Examples

IVA.16 Mathematics Division Meeting Minutes

IVA.17 Performing Arts Division Minutes Sample

IVA.18 CTE Professional Development Sample

IVA.19 Mission Statement Workshop Sign In Sheet, November 26, 2012

IVA.20 College Council Minutes, February 26, 2013 Reviewing Mission Statement Draft

IVA.21 Institutional Goals Workshop Sign in Sheet, March 12, 2012

IVA.22 Institutional Goals Workshop “Educational Master Planning Challenges” PowerPoint,
March 12, 2012

IVA.23 SLOCCCD Educational Master Plan 2011-2016 Addendum

IVA.24 President’s Forums, Cuesta College YouTube Page

IVA.25 March 26, 2014 President’s Forum Topic Email

IVA.26 Spring 2014 Opening Day Speaker Patrick Perry PowerPoint

IVA.27 Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes Report October 2012

IVA.28 Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment Report October 2013

IVA.29 Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes Report October 2013

IVA.30 Student Profile and Achievement Charts 2008-2009 Through 2012-2013, Institutional Research Website

IVA.31 SLOCCCD Spring 2013 Progress Report

IVA.32 2013-2014 Comprehensive Program Planning and Review and Annual Program Planning and Review Worksheets, Institutional Research Website

IVA.33 SLOCCCD Participatory Governance: Decision-Making and Committee Handbook,
pages 12-18

IVA.34 Board Policy 2305

IVA.35 SLOCCCD Participatory Governance: Decision-Making and Committee Handbook

IVA.36 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2013

IVA.37 Administrative Job Descriptions, Human Resources Website

IVA.38 Academic Senate Constitution and By-Laws

IVA.39 Cuesta College Committee Membership List 2013-2014

IVA.40 Governance Workshop PowerPoint, August 14, 2013

IVA.41 Governance Workshop Sign In Sheet, August 14, 2013

IVA.42 End-of-Year Committee Report Summary 2012-2013

IVA.43 Job Satisfaction Survey 2011

IVA.44 Job Satisfaction Survey Results 2013

IVA.45 SLOCCCD Planning Processes Assessment Report

IVA.46 Board Policies Web Page

IVA.47 Cuesta College Federation of Teachers Collective Bargaining Agreement

IVA.48 Cuesta College Classified United Employees Collective Bargaining Agreement

IVA.49 Board Policy 3006

IVA.50 Vice President of Academic Affairs Job Description

IVA.51 Dean of Academic Affairs Job Description

IVA.52 College Council Agenda 2014

IVA.53 Board Policy 1034

IVA.54 Letters Confirming Accreditation of Nursing and Allied Health Programs

IVA.55 Cuesta College Website

IVA.56 Cuesta College News, Fall 2013

IVA.57 Cuesta College Advancement Comprehensive Master Calendar 2013-2014

IVA.58 Twitter and Facebook Posts

IVA.59 Broadcast of President’s Forums on Cable Television

IVA.60 End-of-Year Committee Reports on Progress Report/Assessments Web Page

IVA.61 President’s Cabinet Minutes: Planning Processes Assessment Survey

IVA.62 College Council Minutes, April 23, 2013: Planning Processes Assessment Survey

IVA.63 Planning and Budget Committee Minutes, March 26, 2013: Planning Processes Assessment Survey

IVA.64 President’s Planning Processes Recommendations

IVA.65 Board of Trustees Minutes, September 4, 2013: President’s Planning Processes Recommendations

IVA.66 SLOCCCD Integrated Planning Manual 2013, pages 33-34

IVA.67 Dean of Student Services Retreat Notes

IVA.68 Annual Budget Process Handbook

IVA.69 Planning and Budget Committee Calendar for Managing Work