Aaron Borgeson 
Director, Outreach & Enrollment Services
Email: records@cuesta.edu


Email:  eval@cuesta.edu

Transcript Evaluation

Evaluation of newly received transcripts occurs automatically within approximately a 2-to-6-week timeframe from when the transcript is downloaded/accepted by Cuesta. Processing times could be longer during peak processing times: December to February & May to August.
Alternatively, requests for evaluation can be made via your myCuesta Pathways via the "Links" tab at the top or by clicking here. Evaluation of student requests occurs within a 2-to-4-week timeframe. Processing times could be longer during peak processing times, December to February & May to August.
Notification of evaluation completion will be sent to your myCuesta email. Accepted coursework may be viewed in your myCuesta Pathway. Information regarding your evaluation may be added in Notes section of your myCuesta Pathway.

Email:  transcripteval@cuesta.edu 

Placement Options
Email: admit@cuesta.edu

  • Prerequisites - policy, clearance forms, FAQS, processing timeline

Email:  prerequisites@cuesta.edu

Proctoring Services
Email: proctoring@cuesta.edu

Email: records@cuesta.edu

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