Title 5, Section 54200 requires a maintenance allowance for certain students from nondistrict territories be paid by community college districts.  Only eligible students residing in the following non-district territories may be paid a Maintenance Allowance:

  • Students residing in Modoc County
  • Students residing in the Eastern Sierra School District (USD) in Mono County.  
    (Students residing in the Mammoth Unified School District, which is also in Mono County, are not eligible for the Maintenance Allowance because that district is annexed to the Kern Community College District.)
  • Students residing in the upper-right hand corner of Siskiyou County within the Tulelake Basin Joint USD.  

Student Eligibility

  1. Have a permanent California residence in a territory not included in any community college district and reside more than 60 miles from the nearest community college and,
  2. Be under 21 years of age or under 25 years of age and honorably discharged or otherwise returning from active or inactive military service with the armed services of the United States, and
  3. Be enrolled for at least 12 credits per term throughout the period of eligibility.

Period of Eligibility

At the end of each academic year, each calendar day during which the eligible student is enrolled full-time in credit classes is calculated.  Such period includes Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and "Spring Break," but excludes breaks between terms when students are not enrolled.  Academic year begins July 1 and ends June 30.


By July 15:  Eligible students must self-report to Admissions & Registration.  

By August 1:  Cuesta submits eligible students to superintendent of schools of the county of residence to confirm attendance.

By September 1:  Cuesta pays eligible students the daily rate as determined by the Chancellor's Office times the number of eligible days of each student.