myCuesta Student email accounts are assigned to currently admitted Cuesta College students.  A currently admitted student is one who:

  • Has a current admission application submitted for the current term or future term, or
  • Is enrolled in a current or future term, or
  • Was enrolled within the last primary term (Fall or Spring) terms.

Link here for directions on how to activate your myCuesta student (gmail) account.  Note: Student email accounts are assigned through an overnight process and activated the next day after your application has been processed. 

mCuesta login problems?   Go to "Forgot my password" and answer your security quetions or submit a myCuesta Password Reset Request - photo ID required.

Expiration of myCuesta Student Email

  • myCuesta email accounts are disabled, forwarding disabled, and contents are deleted for students who no longer qualify as "currently admitted." 
  • Students who do not receive at least one grade or W symbol after two primary terms (Fall or Spring) or have no enrollment will have their account disabled. 
  • Students who submit an application but fail to register for a class continue to have access up to the start of the next term at which time their account will be disabled without the option of forwarding.
  • Students that re-apply for a current or future term will have their myCuesta email account reactivated.