How the Waitlist Works

  • When a student registers online in myCuesta, he/she will be offered a waitlist seat (if available) for a closed/full class.  The waitlist is only available before the class meets during open online registration.

  • To enroll in a waitlist seat, the student must select "Wait Listed" under the Action drop-down option in myCuesta  and then select "Submit" in Summary (lower right) under Register for Classes.

  • A student's enrollment in a waitlist seat will appear on their myCuesta Schedule Details with a status of WL or Waitlisted.

  • Students are placed on a waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis based on the student's priority date (time-ticket) to register during priority registration.

  • Students may remove (drop) themselves from a waitlist seat at any time.

  • If a seat opens in the course, a myCuesta student email notification will be sent to the first student on a waitlist.

  • Waitlist notification emails are delivered to the student's email account accessed through myCuesta.  Note: Students may forward their myCuesta email to another email account.

  • Students have 24 hours from when the email notification is delivered to enroll in the reserved seat.  (Notifications delivered two days prior to the first class meeting will have a deadline no later than midnight prior to the first class meeting.)

    • To enroll, students must login to myCuesta and change the "Wait Listed" status to "Schedule" and click "Submit."

    • If the student fails to respond within the 24 hour reservation deadline, he/she will be dropped from the waitlist and the seat offered to the next waitlisted student for another 24 hour reservation.  Students only option, when dropped from the waitlist for failing to respond, is to re-enroll in an available waitlist slot to return to the notification queue.
  • Waitlist notifications are delivered to myCuesta student emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, Flex Days, semester breaks - 365 days year-round.

  • The waitlist is no longer available as of the day of the first class meeting; You may not enroll on the waitlist nor will notifications be delivered.  If you are still on the waitlist the first day of class, you must attend the first class meeting to be considered by the instructor for approval to late register for the class and be issued an add code.

    • Have an add code?   Select "Web Registered" and click "Submit." Enter 5 digit alpha numeric add code.   
  • Enrollment is not guaranteed nor are students automatically enrolled. Waitlisted students must take action and enroll in a reserved seat within the notification period and deadline provided in their myCuesta student email.

Waitlist Restrictions

Students will be blocked from enrolling in a waitlist seat under the following conditions:

  • The student is enrolled in another section of the same course or enrolled in another waitlist seat for the same course.

  • The class overlaps in time with other classes on the student's schedule, which includes other waitlisted classes.

  • The student has a hold.

  • The student has not met prerequisite or co-requisite requirements.

  • A course with "Department Approval" such as PSYT, LVN, EMS that have special admission requirements.

  • Cross-listed (CL) courses, such as mediated Math courses.

  • Adding to the waitlist puts the student over the maximum credit load which is 19 credits for spring/fall or 9 credits for summer.

  • The student has exceed the repeat limits for the course. This includes work-in-progress which occurs if the student is already enrolled in the course in the prior term (spring for summer registration, summer for fall registration) and has not received a final grade.

  • The class is not approved on a Permit to Enroll for an Enrichment student.

  • All waitlist seats are filled.