Transfer Questions

Question: I want to transfer to a CSU/UC, will selecting P/NP grading impact my ability to transfer?

Answer: For courses taken Winter, Spring or Summer 2020 the CSU has amended current policy to now allow for Pass / No Pass for courses required for the major (major prerequisites), the Golden Four (English language [A2], oral communication [A1], critical thinking [A3], and mathematics/quantitative reasoning [B4]) and all other General Education courses. The UC has temporarily suspended its cap (14 semester units) on Pass/ No Pass for units completed in winter/spring/summer 2020; however, major prerequisite courses remain a case-by-case basis, so please check with each UC Campus regarding campus policy.

Question: Will all UC campuses accept P/NP grading for major preparation courses?

Answer: Each campus sets its own selection requirements, which may include an expectation of letter grades in major preparatory coursework. While all campuses have been encouraged to be as flexible as possible, you’ll need to check with each campus individually for guidance on whether completing remaining major pre-requisites in spring/summer 2020 for a Pass or Credit grade will impact a decision. Currently, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara have agreed to accept Pass or Credit grades in major preparation completed in spring 2020.

Question: How will P/NP grading affect my transfer GPA?

Answer: For both CSU and UC, Pass / No Pass courses are not computed in the GPA
calculation for admission purposes.

Financial Aid Questions

Question: Will selecting a P/NP impact my financial aid?

Answer: Selecting a P/NP will not have a negative impact on your financial aid.


Question: Will a P/NP notation have an impact on my Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Answer: For the spring 2020 semester, there will be no impact to a student’s
satisfactory academic progress.