All counselors are masters prepared generalist counselors. In addition to their specialization, all counselors serve all students. 
*Hablan Español

Name Specialization
Ali Yates                               Student-Athletes
Andrea Devitt Veterans
Blake Reed* Student-Athletes
Cindy Stever Psych Tech Program & Allied Health
Dana Gough Generalist & DSPS
Glenda Moscoso* Teacher Pathways
Heidi Webber Career
Kate Porter Transfer Center Coordinator
Kat Gritton Kinesiology & International Students
Lisa Wearda* Generalist – Transfer / Library Technology & Information
Angelica Eulloqui CaFE (CalWORKs, Foster Youth, EOPS & Care)
Berto Marroquin Cuesta Promise Coordinator
Summer Gish Career
Teri Sherman Generalist - Transfer
Matt Fox  


Name Title
Claudia Ferriday Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services
Loren Garcia* Counseling Assistant
  University Transfer Center & Career Services Specialist