2020-2021 Christopher Meadows Memorial Scholarship Available

Every year, one or more scholarships are awarded to Paramedic Students from a memorial fund established to honor the memory of Christopher Meadows (2/17/85 – 5/24/09).

While he had shown interest in riding along with the fire department and listening to a scanner in high school, Christopher Meadows began his pursuit of an emergency medical career in earnest while he was studying in the business school at Cal Poly.  During his senior year, in parallel with his Cal Poly studies, he enrolled in the EMT program at Cuesta College. After successfully completing the EMT 1 certification, he hired on with San Luis Ambulance as a reserve EMT in December 2006. From then until graduation from Cal Poly in June 2007, Chris worked as many shifts as possible, immersing himself in the job with the desire to learn as fast as possible and absorb as much as possible. He loved being an EMT so much that he put his potential business career on hold so he could work full-time in emergency service for a year. 

Well, the more he worked as an EMT, the more he realized that emergency care was right for him, and he was good at it. One year turned into two, and Chris agonized over which path to pursue – a business career that would be financially rewarding and leverage his college training, or one in emergency services, which he did well and loved, but would never make him rich. Chris also joined the Search and Rescue team and learned all he could about that effort. He was in the process of being appointed the medical lead when, as a search and rescue volunteer, he was tragically killed May 24, 2009 while responding to a medical call at Oceano Dunes SVRA.  He was the first member in the history of the SLO Search and Rescue team to be killed in the line of duty. Found in his car after his death were two applications to paramedic schools ready to be mailed. He had chosen to go with what he loved.

Chris never got to continue his career in emergency care. He loved helping people, but only got to do it for a little over two years. Chris was incredibly bright and only did things one way – the right way. The successful recipient of this scholarship must be prepared to pick up where Chris left off, and not only pursue his dream, but deliver on the promise of making the world a better place through dispensing excellent emergency care.

Applications accepted through September 30, 2020. Information and application process available by clicking HERE.

2018-19 Christopher Meadows Memorial Scholarship Awards

Six Paramedic, one EMT, and two Nursing students received between $750 and $3,000 from a Memorial fund established nine years ago to honor the memory of Christopher Meadows, a local EMT killed in the line of duty in May of 2009, which supports students in the Emergency Medicine field. This is the highest number of scholarships ever awarded in one year, bringing the total to 48.  Recipients include a former Army medic, a working mother of four who volunteers for Search and Rescue, a competitor in regional and national CPR and First Aid competitions, and a marine rescue swimmer, with goals are as varied as international humanitarian medicine to firefighting.  Tim Meadows, Christopher's father and Founder of the Memorial fund, said, "This year's applicant pool was the strongest ever....[recipients] impressed us with their selfless desire to help others in their darkest hour."  Congratulations to Paramedic students Tim Nurge, Nick Conforti, Kayla Pedrani, Jeremy Ramirez, Jean Reade and Mickey Sensenbach; EMT student Madison Harris; and Nursing students Kristin Clark and Hilary Wolf!  

2018 Christopher Meadows Memorial Scholarship Awards Press Release

Cuesta unveils State-of-the-Art Ambulance Simulator

The Cuesta College Paramedic Program recently unveiled its brand new, state-of-the-art ambulance simulator. The mobile simulator is one of the first of its kind in the state of California. According to Mike McDonough, the Paramedic Program Director, it will enable faculty to provide simulations of critical-decision situations for students in the Paramedic and EMT programs that mimic a real-world experience in ambulance transport.  Cuesta Dean Dr. Jason Curtis confirmed its value, saying, "One of the biggest challenges...is to convert their classroom and textbook knowledge into skills that can be applied in high pressure situations in the field....Students need opportunities to develop and practice their skills in ways that feel real, and the ambulance simulator will provide that opportunity."  The simulator's mobility will also allow for use in training by community first-response agencies (who are very supportive of our programs, providing in-the-field training and frequently hiring our graduates) and in outreach activities to familiarize the community by demonstrations at health and career fairs and at local high schools. 

2018 Paramedic Ambulance Simulator--Press Release