"My job changed into my dream job when I started the Library/Information Technology program." - LIBT Student

Cuesta College offers a mature and robust program in Library/Information Technology. The program has been in existence for four decades. In each of the past two semesters we have enrolled more than 130 students who were taking from one to six different courses at a time. Our online offerings allow students to proceed at their own pace. Students come from all parts of California and some come from out-of-state. Ambitious students have completed our required core courses in two semesters. Four semesters is more typical. Students with heavy work and family responsibilities may take even longer.

This program is designed to train students to respond to the changing needs of information management in our society. Wherever there is information there is a need to have someone available to assist in organizing it, managing it, and getting it into the hands of those who need to use the information.

The Library/Information Technology curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful vocational career in the organizing and managing of information. See degree and certificates requirements below.

The name of our program, Library/Information Technology, is a solid indicator of what we are all about. We train people to assist in the management of information in libraries and other venues using the print medium as well as technology.

The skills, attitudes, and knowledge learned through the Library/Information Technology Program are ones that have broad applications in all sorts of positions in academic and public libraries, school library media centers, as well as business and archival settings.

"I completed Cuesta's LIBT program ... My training at Cuesta was state of the art ... Many thanks to Cuesta's many talented teachers for demanding excellence, and preparing me so well."

- LIBT Student

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Visit the Mapper Page to explore the Areas of Study that interest you and find suggested pathways to earn degrees and certificates. LIBT is in the education and Information Section.

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