The Cuesta College Earth and Ocean Science Program involves the study of the solid earth, ocean and atmosphere. It is the branch of science that investigates diverse geologic processes, including rock and mineral formation, tectonic and volcanic processes, and landform and seafloor development.  In addition, the examination of the origins and evolution of life through the study of fossils (paleontology) and the assessment of economically important mineral deposits, fossil fuels, and geologic hazards are integral to the discipline.

The chemistry and physics of the ocean and atmosphere are examined for their impact on the distribution of marine sediments, ocean circulation, weather and global climate patterns. Specific course topics fulfill the lower division requirements for majors in geology, geophysics, civil engineering, construction management, and environmental science. Students can earn an A.S. degree in Geology at Cuesta College, preparing them for transfer to four-year institutions or for employment in technical careers.