Selection Process

Cuesta College receives a limited amount of funds for the FSEOG program each year and follows the process below to select students for awarding.

By regulation, FSEOG grants must first be awarded to the students with the lowest expected family contributions (EFCs) who are also receiving a Federal Pell Grant. This is known as the "FSEOG first selection group." Cuesta awards FSEOG to those students who have a zero EFC and a Federal Pell Grant. If we have more students that funding, we use a random sort in the process. If all eligible students have been awarded and FSEOG funds remain, Cuesta will award FSEOG to other Federal Pell Grant recipients starting with those who have an EFC of 1, then those with an EFC of 2, and so on until all Federal Pell Grant recipients have been awarded.  Note: it is extremely unlikely that we will run out of Federal Pell-eligible students with a zero EFC before we run out of FSEOG funds.  

Should Cuesta award FSEOG to all students who received a Federal Pell Grant, it may then award students with the lowest EFCs who are not receiving a Federal Pell Grant.  This is known as the "FSEOG second selection group."