Linked below, you can find a list of the Cuesta College Police Department's policies and procedures.

Policy Manual

Field Training Manual

Firearms Courses

Interim Use of Force Policy

California P.O.S.T. Use of Force Standards and Guidelines

Beginning January 1, 2020, SB 978 requires local law enforcement agencies and Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training (“POST”) to post on their Internet websites all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public through a California Public Records Act (“CPRA”) request.

The Cuesta College Police Department's policy manual is a living document that is subject to constant change. New laws, court decisions, District Policy changes, new methodologies, and other factors dictate the need for a continual review of these policies, initiating revisions where necessary and appropriate. It is recognized that no set of policies and procedures, no matter how complete, can hope to address all the situations that may be encountered. When encountering such situations, this policy manual will serve as a guideline and should be employed with sound reason, judgment, and discretion.

To keep our student, staff, faculty, visitors, and police officers safe, while being as transparent as possible, we will review all materials and redact them, where necessary, according to Government Code § 6254, subs. (f). To be specific, we only redacted content:

  1. Describing law enforcement tactics
  2. Security or safety procedures 
  3. Information not publicly known that should not be disclosed for safety, security, or investigative reasons