At the Student Health Center, we believe in the importance of designing educational & communicative strategies to promote health and well-being as part of our students’ lifestyle. We support students and help them learn valuable skills they need to make healthy and informed choices throughout their lifetime.

Faculty Toolkit

Are you interested in a presentation (10-15 minutes), workshop (30-45 minutes), or training? We offer in-person and online support, and we can adapt our presentation to your availability and class-time needs. Learn more about these opportunities and request a classroom experience by completing this online form. 

MindWise Cuesta

MindWise screening offers a comprehensive approach to mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention. Students can take an anonymous and evidenced based screener to learn if they have a behavioral health concern, signs and symptoms, and referrals and resources should they want help. Faculty Toolkits (see below) are available to help embed the screeners into the classroom and spread awareness. MindWise screeners are available online from our website (or you can embed the link below into your instructional material) and you can also access them around campus at our Health Services Stations. 

Think Hopeful wellness program

Think Hopeful, Inc. provides one-of-a-kind wellness support. This is an anonymous peer community with 1:1 health coaching for students. Using science based mental wellness strategies, students connect with college students and have access to 1:1 dedicated coaching and wellness groups. Services are available during after-hours and weekends too! You can bring a 10-minute presentation about the Think Hopeful program into your classroom!  
Topics include: stress, anxiety, relationships, nutrition, finances, general wellness. There are no deadlines for registration since this will be an ongoing service. Students can register any time by emailing:  

Think Hopeful’s Wellness Program FAQs  

For more information email: or 

Concerned about a student?

We have faculty & staff support lines through Think Hopeful. 
WHAT IS IT? Are you concerned about a student? Notice behavioral or mood changes and unsure how you can support? You can have a direct consultation with a licensed mental health professional to support the student in a non-crisis situation 
WHEN? Any day – you can expect a response within the same business day 
HOW? Email Admin@ThinkHopeful.Com   
WHAT’S THE PROCESS? No forms and no wait times. An email will allow you to confidentially consult with a licensed mental health professional (in a non-crisis situation).  
***For crisis, please follow directions or contact the Student Health Center at or 805- 546-3171

Other Helpful Tools and Resources 

24/7 Hotlines


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