Our personal therapy services support students in their academic success and personal development. Our services are personalized, confidential and do not transfer with academic records. We have a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) that can provide up to six free therapy sessions per student per semester. Therapists also provide referrals for any mental health treatments that require long term or specialized care, such as: medication evaluation, drug and alcohol treatment, diagnostic testing, and treatment of serious mental health disorders or hospitalization.

Our Services Include
Individual therapy Couples therapy Consultation Stress
Grief and loss
Group therapy Crisis prevention and intervention Referrals for long-term care Depression
Disordered eating
LGBTQIA+ Education and outreach Referrals for drug and alcohol services


Self esteem
Roommate concerns
Anger management
Boundary and limit setting skills
Self-harm and/or suicidal ideation
Sexual harassment/sexual assault


**Consultations conducted by telephone and zoom at this time due to Health Center closure following COVID19 precautions. Please call or email us at studenthealthcenter@cuesta.edu


  • Educational Repository: Digital, educational, communicative material to promote health and well-being among our Cuesta Community.
  • Student in crisis Quick Guide: Know the signs, assess for suicide, respond and give resources.
  • Health Services also offers access to Guided Imagery. Guided imagery is the easiest, most user-friendly form of meditation you can find.  It’s simply listening to words and music that guide you on a positive journey, where you imagine yourself relaxing and doing well, with all your senses.  To try out guided imagery you have these 2 options:

1. Visit us in Room 3150 and borrow a *play-away to listen to in our lobby
2. Check a play-away out for 2 weeks at a time from the library with your ID card

*Playaway devices mean no download or set-up time required and no need for Wi-Fi