Cuesta College is committed to fostering a culture of health & well-being on our campus. To ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors, we encourage you to respect and apply our policies.
Your health is important and is connected to your ability to succeed in our community. Share the air!



Why did we choose to go tobacco free?

Beginning January 1, 2019, Cuesta College officially became a smoke and tobacco-free District.

“Tobacco use – of all types – is bad for the user, those around them, and our environment; banning smoking at Cuesta College aligns with the college’s goal to promote the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty, and staff,” said Cherie Moore, Cuesta College Nutrition Instructor and task force member.

The process to become tobacco-free began in 2016 when Cuesta College was awarded a $7,500 Tobacco-Free Campus Grant funded by Truth Initiative®, America’s largest non-profit health organization dedicated to eliminating the use of tobacco. The Tobacco-Free Task Force – comprised of faculty, staff, and students – was launched and began researching and discussing best practices and potential policies.

Cuesta was awarded an A+ for the College and University Smoke/Tobacco-Free Report Card by CYAN and COUGH. The purpose of the Report is to reveal tobacco use policy trends on campuses in California. Read more about it here.

*California Youth Advocacy Network. (2020). California College and University Smoke/Tobacco-Free Policy Report Card. Sacramento, CA.

Decreasing Exposure to Secondhand Smoke

Quitting vaping can help lower stress and anxietyProtecting Workers Not Protected by State Law

More than 90 percent of Californians approve of a law to protect workers from secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace. Yet people who work on campus are still unprotected from secondhand smoke throughout the day.



Eliminating Tobacco Litter on Campus

Changing Tobacco Use Behavior

take 5 minutes to sit and breathe

  Encouraging Students Not to Start Smoking

Vaping Myths & Realities

Benefits of Cessation Over Time

This animated infographic shows the positive changes the body experiences over time after quitting smoking. 

   Taken from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Free Help Quitting:

SLO county logo

The Tobacco Control Program provides community education, prevention services, and technical assistance to government agencies, community-based organizations, law enforcement, businesses, and residents of San Luis Obispo County. Click here for more information.

No Vape APP

California Smokers' Helpline: A website, telephone helpline, and app created for teens to #quitvaping.
Text ‘Quit Vaping’ to 66819

This Is Quitting App and Text

This Is Quitting App and Text: The app has activities to help you quit vaping or using other tobacco products. You can also speak with a counselor 24/7.
Text ‘DITCHJUUL’ to 88709

quitSTART App

An app to help you track your quitting progress. Earn badges, get tips on managing tough days, and play games to distract yourself from cravings.


SmokefreeTXT for Teens: A resource for teens that offers advice, quit support, and motivation to remain nicotine and tobacco free.
Text ‘QUIT’ to 47848

No butts ONLINE REFERRALS   Make Online Referrals to the Helpline and Helpline staff will follow up with patients.
YouCanquit2  YouCanQuit2, a Defense Department (DOD) program, is an educational campaign for the U.S. military. The site supports the DOD’s efforts to build and sustain a ready and resilient force by providing resources for Service members, as well as their family and friends and health professionals. The website offers a live chat line with a tobacco cessation coach, a message board, information about medications, games and quizzes.

More info, please visit: