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 monarch centerVisit our Cuesta Monarch Center a safe place where undocumented students and their families can gather and feel safe, valued and supported. The center will facilitate access to Cuesta’s programs and services as well as local and State resources to assure the personal and academic success of the undocumented students and their families. The Monarch Centers are a place where diversity and all cultures are embraced and celebrated.

Click here for the California Community Colleges Chancellor's list of resources for undocumented students.

Click here for "Your Health, Your Future: Making DACA Work For You in the Golden State". A guide to the public benefits available to recipients of deferred action for childhood arrivals in California.

Click here for "11 Ways You Can Help Undocumented Students." A helpful resource filled with tips for allies and undocumented students.

Click here to visit the Foundation for California Community Colleges Dreamers project that seeks to lay the groundwork for a longer-term program to implement strategies that will meet undocumented students’ needs.


Immigrants Rising’s virtual Wellness Gatherings help undocumented young people stay grounded and connected to one another.

What health care and health services are provided for undocumented and international students?

Cuesta Health Services  when undocumented and international Cuesta students enroll in classes and pay the health fee they receive free and confidential physical health services and mental health therapy here at the Health Center.

* The Health Services Program is guided by the California Code of Regulations (Title 5) 54702, Education Code Section 76401, Health Services policy 5200, and AP 5200. Though non-credit students do not pay the health fee, they may voluntarily pay the fee and access the services by visiting the cashier.

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast offers primary care, dental and chiropractic care, optometry and behavioral health services and more for low cost or sliding scale fees.

Noor Clinic provides free medical, eye, dental and specialty care for uninsured adults regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration, religion or socioeconomic status.

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive health carefor low or no cost.

The Center provides reproductive health carefor low or no cost. The Center is provides services at Cuesta Health Center every Thursday from 9am-2pm.

MediCal an immigrant who meets all eligibility requirements, but is not in a satisfactory immigration status for full scope Medi-Cal is entitled to limited health services. These services include the MediCal breast and cervical cancer program, emergency hospital and long term care, kidney dialysis care, and pregnancy services.

The California Health Care Resource Guide for Undocumented Immigrants is a comprehensive outline of services available to undocumented immigrants.

Mental Health & Other Resources

Immigrants Rising’s Mental Health Connector provides undocumented young people with psychological support, allowing you to access your strengths and resiliency in order to achieve your personal goals and healing.

Community Counseling Center provides short-term, low-cost, professional counseling for individuals, couples and families who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Most clients have no insurance and a low to moderate income.

Transitions Mental Health has numerous services for community members. Check out their monthly calendars to see what is happening at their wellness centers: Wellness Calendars

RISE serves both victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault/abuse and their loved ones. RISE provides comprehensive programs, services and resources to the community.