Are you currently unhoused or at risk of losing your housing? Apply here for support or email for more information.

Do you need assistance obtaining suitable housing in the San Luis Obispo county area? Although the college does not provide housing for students, we hope to assist Cuesta College students by making housing options available.

Check out the Housing Tips and Resource Guide for tips on finding and inspecting a unit, resolving landlord and roommate issues, as well as links to off campus housing and other resources. The inclusion of any apartment or agency on the list does not represent an endorsement of services or facilities, nor does it guarantee vacancies. Please be aware that Cuesta College does not inspect any housing facilities. We do not assume responsibility for the condition of these housing facilities, or for the character of any applicant, landlord or tenant.

Housing online listings

The Student Housing for Rent and Housing/ Roommates Wanted listings are designed to help Cuesta College students find housing in the area. Anyone may post their rentals or housing needs on the website, so long as they are intended for students. "Staff-only" listings will not be posted. Listings are removed four weeks from the date of posting.

Housing for Rent | Housing/ Roommate(s) Wanted

Looking for a place to rent? Do you have a rental to list? Please fill out the form. Submissions will be reviewed and made available on the Cuesta College online housing page. Listings will be removed upon notification from you or four weeks from date of posting. The online housing resource is designed to help Cuesta College students find housing in the area.

Basic Needs - San Luis Obispo Campus Office 5104B,

Jack DePuy, Basic Needs Coordinator