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About Our Instructors:

Teri Bayus

Teri Bayus

I have been working for Non-Profits for over 30 years, as a volunteer, event coordinator, grant writer, and CEO.  I also teach classes in social networking to writers, businesses, non-profits, and politicians along with public speaking.

I write a weekly food and film column for Simply Clear Marketing and have since 2003. I also host the TV show, Taste Buds ( where I give honest food and wine reviews and highlight the chef’s talents. Taste Buds is in its third season, with shows being filmed in Cuba, Italy, and Paris. 

I have published two novels, Consumed and SousVide, which are in the genre of culinary erotica. I am currently editing my memoir about my time as a trapeze artist with the Circus.

I am the director of the Central Coast Writer’s Conference and love bringing the writing community together to inspire and create. 

I have four blogs, 26 Facebook pages, three Twitters, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp and every other social media known to man, where I shock, inspire and make people giggle.

Carey James
The James Financial Group
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LeeAnne Krusemark LeeAnne is an author, speaker, business owner, Chamber of Commerce Past President, and guest instructor at more than 200 colleges from Maine to Hawaii, including Purdue, and an adjunct online professor through Ed2Go at more than 2,000 facilities worldwide, including Harvard. LeeAnne’s inspiration in the classroom has even been compared to Oprah!
Tom Peavyhouse
Masters Notary Academy
Thomas Peavyhouse has been employed in the financial community for over 20 years. He has represented financial institutions at various companies including Microsoft and Apple. He currently has held Real Estate, Insurance and Securities licenses. He is a commissioned California Notary Public with an added certification in loan signing as an instructor.

Julie Robinson
Boho Hospitality

Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson, owner of BOHO HOSPITALITY, has a knack for words, repurposed furniture, and extreme bargain hunting. After successfully turning spare rooms into profitable, whimsical hideaways for 500+ guests, Julie's newest venture takes her expertise and tailors it into a heart-based business where connecting to other people is the number one priority.

Voices for All

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