Aqua Aerobics

Low impact cardio and conditioning classes consisting of the latest aqua fitness exercises. This high-energy workout is easy on the joints and is great for adults looking to maintain or jump-start a fitness program. Both shallow and deep water classes take place at different times throughout the week. All levels of fitness are welcome! Buoyancy belts are encouraged for all deep-water classes. 

Aqua Core

Working to improve your core strength is made easier in the water. This class is recommended for those who suffer from back pain due to stress/tension, accident, or muscle imbalance. Fun music selections will help you enjoy your work to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and range of motion while helping to decrease any pain.

Aqua Fit

Improve your strength, range of motion, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness with moderate aerobic exercises. Start your day off right with invigorating exercises and music! Please note that classes taught by Alisa do not use music. 

Aqua Fusion

Can’t decide which class is right for you? Consider Aqua Fusion for a blend of our aqua fitness classes! This class combines exercises from our Aqua Fit, Aqua Kinetics, and Aqua Core classes. You will enjoy tunes that help keep you motivated to move.

Aqua Kinetics

Increase your muscle strength and endurance and reduce pain and stiffness. This class will increase the range of motion in your joints to help with activities of daily living. This could be the right class for you if you are recovering from or living with injury or arthritic conditions. You will be encouraged to move to the music during this refreshing class.

Aqua Pilates & Yoga

An introduction to core-centered poses and positions that help with posture, alignment, and balance. Listen to relaxing music as you focus on breathing deeper into each pose. 

Deep Water Aqua Blast

A moderate to high intensity workout in a deep-water environment utilizing various intervals in combination with energetic aerobic movements. Exercises emphasize core strength, endurance, and range of motion that enable participants to work at an individually challenged pace. Buoyancy belts are encouraged for all deep-water classes. 

Go Deep!

Dive into a challenging deep-water class including segments of high intensity training movements (HIIT and Tabata) along with movements to improve core stabilization, strength and range of motion. Buoyancy belts encouraged for all deep-water classes.