Christopher Moore is the author of 17 novels, including the international best-seller Lamb, Noir, and his latest, Shakespeare for Squirrels. He grew up in Mansfield, Ohio, the son of a highway patrolman and a home appliance salesperson, and was a mediocre student and athlete in school. He attended Ohio State University where he studied anthropology; and Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, where he studied ramen noodles and alcohol. Before publishing his first book, Practical Demonkeeping in 1992, Chris worked at a wide variety of jobs, including a grocery night stocker, roofer, insurance broker, radio DJ, hotel night auditor, photographer and waiter - all experiences he’s worked into his novels over the years.

Since selling Practical Demonkeeping, a “comedy of horrors”, Chris has gone on to write novels about Native American trickster gods, vampires, cargo cults, sea monsters, the life of Christ, whale researchers, French Impressionists, the job of death, Shakespeare, Medieval England, Venice, Christmas zombies, and San Francisco street life in the post-war 1940s -- all of which he researched extensively, traveling and studying all over the world.

Chris' last nine books have been New York Times bestsellers although he doesn’t get nominated for too many awards because no one is sure what he’s up to. His books are in print in 30 countries and all have been optioned or bought for film at one time or another, but none have yet made it to the screen. Chris lives in San Francisco with his wife of 20ish years.