As the saying goes there are three rules to writing a best seller.  Unfortunately, no one knows what those three rules are.

But we do know what gets in the way of penning a literary work of art: Fear, insecurities, procrastination, night sweats, time spent at a “real job”, mortgages, life partners who insist on some partnering, and those pesky children who expect dinner, like, every night. Just to name a few. (Oh, and did I mention fear and insecurities?)   

When we begin our projects our first question is often, “So what do I need to do?”  A better question is “What do I need to quit.” Why? Because every time we set a goal there will be things in the way of accomplishing that. And until we remove those obstacles we are not going to make much progress. It will feel like we are swimming in wet cement- lots of effort and exhaustion without much to show for it.

In this fun and interactive keynote we will explore what we want, what’s in the way and what to do about it.  

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Hear Mary speak about the 2017 Central Coast Writers Conference