Track/Presenter Workshop Description

Beginner Writing

Michael A. Stackpole

Finding the Story

New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole takes you through a series of exercises that will let you build a story from the barest spark through twists and turns. He’ll give you several story recipes and show you how you can work from them to create delightfully complex and engrossing stories.

Writing for Screen

Peter Dunne

Network or Netflix: The TV Pilots That Sell are the TV Pilots with Exceptional Characters

Story is at the heart of every successful television series, but at the heart of every story is the cast of characters breathing life into it. No matter what your genre, drama or comedy, no matter if you’re creating your series for a conventional broadcast network, or Netflix, Amazon, the internet, the goal is the same: You Must Create Memorable People. And you simply cannot do that without understanding where they come from – and I don’t mean geographically. I mean where they come from within of you. Been to therapy lately? Join me.

Writing for Screen

Donald H. Hewitt

Start Fast: How to Create Dramatic Openings that Hook the Reader and Make Them Want to Keep Reading  

 The first five pages of your screenplay are the most important pages in your story. Readers, Agents, and Execs are all very busy, often reading a dozen scripts or more a week! If you don't grab their attention, you're dead. And now with the popularity of streaming, starting fast is more important than ever! We'll examine several screenplay openings, focusing on specific techniques for starting with a bang. I'll teach you how to set the right tone and establish dynamic characters clearly and strongly. And most importantly, how to create a dramatic situation that compels the reader to keep reading. I'll also show you a couple very good scripts that made mistakes that kept them from being great.


Leslie St. John

Prose and Poses Session: Yoga and Writing

Ready to see the world from a new perspective? Are you tired of old stories you keep repeating? The ones handed down from family, culture, your ex, even that middle school coach? Scripts that run in your mind—even unconsciously—, keeping you small, limited, quiet. What if you held that story to the light? Courageously seeing it for what it is: a story you tell yourself. One that can be rewritten. Whether you’re new to yoga inversions or looking for new challenges, Leslie will guide you in this workshop that will take you upside down, turn your stories inside out, and help embody courage to see from a new angle.

with a greater sense of adaptability? This yoga and writing workshop will help you discover your “Core,” what supports us physically in our bodies and spiritually in our lives. More than the ridged armor of muscles displayed on covers of fitness magazines, core is the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, and is integral to nearly every movement we make. If we are weak in our core, our lower back suffers, our digestive fire wanes, and our sense of self may go wandering outside of us—leaving us feeling unsupported, disconnected, maybe even lost. This built-in support system of “Core” is always available to us, so long as we are conscious of it and cultivate it.


Joshua Corin


If genre is the set of rules an author and their audience have agreed upon for a work of narrative fiction, how can we use these rules to our advantage? What happens when we break them?

Historical and Non-Fiction

Paula Margulies

The Tao of Book Publicity: Book Promotion Strategies That Work!

A well-planned virtual book tour (or blog tour) is a great way to connect with top bloggers and draw their readers to your blog or books. In this workshop, book publicist Paula Margulies will provide tips and techniques to help authors create a successful tour. Workshop topics include: the reasons for doing a virtual tour, building a targeted list of bloggers, preparing a Q&A and photos, determining what to offer, planning giveaways and prepping files, developing a powerful query message, sending out queries, scheduling, and follow-up. Margulies will provide Q&A and list samples and is happy to answer any questions about book tours or book publicity and promotion in general.


TJ Mackay

Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Everyone in publishing knows writing a great story is paramount. But...what makes that story actually sell books? In this class attendees will learn all the nitty-gritty techniques that can make a great story shine - Secrets like how to plot to grab readers attention, what type of editing produces the best results, why everyone focuses so much on reviews and how to make them work towards sales - all things that will truly help your story get noticed and turn your passion into profit.


Dakota Shane

How to Start Making Money From Your Content Today

 As a writer, it can get discouraging always having to work for pennies or, even worse, for free. While the job market for writers has certainly changed over the years, there are an immense amount of opportunities available for writers to immediately start making money from their work today.


In this workshop, you’ll learn about a handful of online platforms and strategies that will enable you to get paid for your work as a writer. 


Mark Noce

Historical Fiction: Writing Characters

Details how to write characters in historical fiction, how to make them relatable to a modern audience, and how to base characters on historical figures, etc.