9:00 - 10:00am
Artificial Intelligence: The Confluence of Technology and Creativity

AI experts explore AI’s role in shaping artistic endeavors, from algorithmic art to AI-authored creativity. Learn how AI is reshaping the entire creative industry.

  • Moderator: Mara Purl 
  • Panel: Robert Pimm (Legal), Deb Donig (Ethics), and Kevin Judge (Marketer)
The Craft Behind the Cover: Building Realities in Fiction and Fantasy

Is there a secret formula to best-selling fiction? An all-star panel of six-figure fiction and fantasy writers shares their proven strategies and techniques.

  • Moderator: Laurie Woodward
  • Panel: Jenna Johnson, Mark Parsons, Wendelin Van Draanen
Voices in Your Head: The Art of Audiobook Narration 

Anne Janzer will moderate a panel of award-winning voice actors and best-selling authors. The new standard for narrations and the evolution of audiobooks.

  • Moderator: Anne Janzer
  • Panel: Jim Seybert, Eric Martin
Reel Small: A Panel on the Impact and Craft of Short-Form Video Storytelling

Exploring narratives in bite-sized video content, easily the most popular format in social media

  • Moderator: Katy Dore
  • Panel: Lauren Snowden, Ian Anderson, Carla Cary