Michael Stackpole - 21 Days To A Novel

This workshop will take participants through a series of exercises which will lay the groundwork for successfully preparing to write a novel. Covered are character development, story conflicts, dialogue, character voice and plotting. 

Dakota Shane - From Facebook To Forbes: How To Use Social MediaTo Get Your Writing Featured On Major Publications

In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage social media to land work in major online publications. Whether you are trying to get an article published in Forbes, or become a regular contributor to your favorite blog, this workshop will provide you with the actionable steps needed to accomplish your goals.

Over the course of 15 months, I went from not being able to get anyone (besides my mother) to read my work to now being a columnist at Inc.com and Top Writer on Medium. Over half a million people across the world have now read my work, and I am happy to share everything I’ve learned along my journey with you.

Matthew Woodman - “Be-Mused”: Designing Exercises And Experiments To Spark Inspiration And Imaginative Writing

Using examples from modern poetry and short fiction, this workshop will focus on strategies for designing writing experiments using improvisation and chance. 

Jay Asher- No Book Marks Allowed

How to inject suspense into any novel. 

Lisa Abellera - Getting More Out Of Social Media: New Ways To Query And Pitch Your Book

With the advent of social media, the pressure to constantly network and promote oneself as an author can be overwhelming. All the while, authors must still come up with compelling queries and tantalizing pitches for their books. With thousands of other authors in the same boat as you, how do you stand out? More importantly, how does an agent who is looking for your type of project find you? A growing number of agents and editors are now using social media to find book projects. In my talk, I will introduce authors to new ways to pitch and query their books using social media, providing in-depth information about online query contests and Twitter pitch parties. 

Brain Talley - Self Publishing Journey

In this workshop, Brian will discuss the process of publishing his cookbook; what worked and what didn’t, and his personal advice for those who want to self-publish. 

Ross Brown - Principles Of Good Dialogue

You know good dialogue when you hear it. Writers like Aaron Sorkin, David Mamet and Nora Ephron are all admired for their ability to create it. But what, exactly, is “good” dialogue? And how can those of us not named Aaron, David or Nora create it ourselves? This workshop will explore some of the core principles of creating effective, character-driven dialogue whether written for the page, the stage or the screen.

Ken Sherman - The Business Of Writing For Screen, Television, And The Book Industries

We’ll discuss who’s who in a production company, a studio, and a publishing house, to hopefully demystify these very real people who you’ll come in contact with as you sell your work.

Paul T. Scheuring - The Creative Spirit Behind Creative Writing

You’d never think that the creator of action and fight scene packed Prison Break is a full practicing Buddhist. Paul T. Scheuring and has found that there is a powerful creative spirit/ energy in writing and anyone can tap into it. In this workshop Paul T. Scheuring will walk through creative and spiritual exercises that get the writing flow going.