Make It & Take It 2.0 (Ages 5-7) - Register Online

9:00am-12:00pm // $150 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4403 // Steamworks for Kids

Become a chemist and a creator as you discover hands-on science fun! You will make and take home a variety of cool things. Make an energy bead bracelet that changes to rainbow colors, grow a crystal tree overnight, make and launch your own rocket, create a Sharpie tie-dye t-shirt, and write secret messages in invisible ink! Make your own slime, flubber, and other cool projects. Wrap up the workshop by making ice cream using science. Come join us, make some fun, and take it home!

Electrifying Fun! (Ages 5-7) - Register Online

12:30-3:30pm // $150 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4403 // Steamworks for Kids

Learning about electronics is a snap in this hands-on workshop that uses safe, kid-friendly circuitry kits that you get to take home at the end of the workshop. Transform electrical energy into light, motion, and sound! Launch a glow-in-the-dark flying propeller into the air to see how high it can go! Build a musical doorbell, burglar alarm, or even your own radio! This is a perfect program for emerging electrical engineers, allowing plenty of time for tinkering, and discussions. Snap this up for plenty of fun!

Cybercrawler Robot (Ages 7-9) - Register Online

9:00am-12:00pm // $150 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4405 // Minds in Motion

Build and take home your very own CyberCrawler Robot!  This smart coding robotics kit entertains and teaches programming skills to inquisitive young future robotic engineers!  With the aid of your instructor, you will each assemble your own robot that consists of 76 pieces.  Once completed, a simple press-button programming keypad embedded on its cranium will send your CyberCrawler on its way!  You can design obstacles and maze courses with your classmates and see how far you can go.  With a maximum storage capacity of 64 tasks, your CyberCrawler Robot will be a terrific starter tool to learn the joy of coding!  This very cool robot’s LEDs illuminate as it executes whatever you command.  Come and join this fascinating and educational robotic experience!

Outer Space & Physics Fun (Ages 7-9) - Register Online

12:30-3:30pm // $150 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4405 // Minds in Motion

Come join an exciting world of space exploration as you build and take home your very own Solar System Kit!  You will assemble your own model, learn all about our planetary neighborhood, and watch the planets move around the sun powered by battery or solar power.  Check out our real meteorite fragment samples!  Take part in other exciting activities involving physics, air pressure, and density.  Take home your own cosmic rocket and watch it shoot up fifty feet into the air!  Be mesmerized as you assemble and take home your own stunt plane and learn about the four major forces of flight.  You will also witness some really neat demonstrations from your instructor.  Watch as an egg is magically sucked into a bottle, behold a tornado being created, and much much more in this fun and exciting program!