Session Themes Description

Session 1

Trail to Knowing Me

June 17-20

Happy & Healthy

All About Me

Learn good health habits and understand the importance of exercise and good nutrition.  Play fun food games, make a silly germ plate, and make a food collage. Explore and create fun healthy snacks while creating your own healthy cookbook and apron.

Have fun learning about yourself, your strengths, feeling and making new friends. Create a me collage, do a special full size “Me” drawing.

Session 2

Trail to Creative Living

June 24-27

Being Creative Through Art

Being Creative Through Music

Explore art through printmaking, photography, painting, making homemade clay, weaving, and creating a mobile. Express your creativity.

Learn to enjoy music, sing, express themselves through music, listen to music enjoyed by different cultures, create sound effects for a story, work together and perform.

Session 3

Trail to the 

July 1-3*
No Class 7/4

Wise Old Willie

Sports and Games

Appreciate nature, protect our environment and conserve natural resources. Learn about wildlife, soil and plants, energy, water, air pollution, recycling and littering.

A week filled with outdoor and indoor fun with games. Learn good sportsmanship and cooperation games. Participate and learn new relay races with water, paper and string; ball games; indoor games; and go on a sardine hunt.

Session 4 

Trail to the Future

July 8-11

Exploring Space

Wonder of Science

Learn about space and our solar system all while creating lifelike models of different rockets as well as interactive activities and projects with the galaxy as your playground.

Explore the wonder of sciences and learn why and how things happen. Shoot and create a balloon rocket, launch a parachute into the air, make bubbles, learn what causes static electricity and play with magnets. Learn about chemical changes and create a robot out of cardboard.

Session 5

Trail to 
Creative Living

July 15-18

Safety First

Being Creative Through Drama

Learn new skills, how to lead a game, learn good manners, fire safety, bicycle safety, puzzles, basic first aid and play a safety ball game.

Explore your dramatic side, have fun with puppets, create a story, prepare a skit, take an imaginary trip, and create a play.

Session 6

Trail to the Environment

July 22-25


Nature Awareness

Outdoors Skills

Explore, appreciate, respect, and care about the natural world.  Enjoy water play, animal hide and seek, nature hunts, learn about wind and clouds and create a garden.

Explore nature and learn basic outdoor skills: outdoor cooking, simple knot tying, nature crafts, and candle making.