Track Presenter Workshop
BEGINNING Kerra Bolton  Writing The Ancestors

Writing the Ancestors: As the United States grapples with its past during uncertain and divided times, questions about who we are and from where we come increasingly become worth exploring as writers and artists. What ideas, beliefs, behaviors, and stories have come to us through our ancestors? How does the history we carry within our bodies and lived experiences affect our daily lives?

This class will help you explore your ancestral links and develop your place in history through the personal essay. We’ll examine the personal essay as a means of ancestral storytelling, review the structure of personal essays, and discuss potential publishing outlets interested in personal essays. We’ll also review what a personal is and is not. Finally, we’ll discuss how to find your lineage, even if you didn’t have the best experience with your family of origin.

NOVEL Jonathan Maberry  Research And Worldbuilding For Fiction
SCREENWRITING Steve Kaplan  The Hidden Tools Of Comedy
What is comedy? How does it work? Why does it work? And most importantly, What's going on when it doesn't work? This session moves past the myths and misunderstanding of comedy, and provides you with usable, practical tools that can elevate your comic screenplay.  
POETRY Laure-Anne Bosselaar  Tone! I, YOU, HIM, HER, WE AND WHO? 

Pronouns are the most immediate way to provide perspective.  By studying a few contemporary poems, we’ll discover how the choice of a pronoun can influence the tone and heft of a poem. In the great majority of poems, a speaker (or voice) will — through the use of tone (the character’s attitude toward the subject matter) and its many variations — build some kind of relationship with the reader. This relationship can run the gamut from being very intimate to extremely distant. How can the choice of pronoun influence this? In this very interactive class, we will look at how the choice of pronouns can dramatically change a poem’s impact.

BUSINESS Felicia Slattery  Storytelling For Nonfiction Authors: Build Your Platform by Telling Your Stories
Storytelling isn’t just for our friends on the fiction side of the publishing world! Even nonfiction authors can tap into the power of storytelling to build a social media following, create a raving fanbase, and make more money. In this fun and info-packed workshop, you’ll get ideas and action steps to using storytelling to reach your goals as a nonfiction author.