2:00 - 3:00pm
Walking Down Memory Lane: Memoirs & Biographies

The art and craft of writing engaging memoirs and interesting biographies. Authors will share the strategies they use to craft authentic and memorable stories.

  • Moderator: Sara Roahen 
  • Panel: Teresa Rhyne, Ed Cobleigh, Laure-Anne Bosselaar
From Ink to Air: Tapping Into TV, Radio, and Podcasts

You’ve got the content and they have airtime to fill. How to connect with hosts and reach larger audiences.

  • Moderator: Neil Hebert
  • Panel: Dave Congalton (KVEC), Jaime Lewis (Podcaster), Charlotte Alexander
Social Media Strategies For Success: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and More

You're only a click away: Using social media allows you to connect with influencers and build a fan base. Learn best practices to connect with your community and grow a following.

  • Moderator: Tonya Strickland
  • Panel: Carla Cary, Teri Bayus, Kevin Carr
Igniting Change: Evolving Minds in Literature

Authors as social activists? Using words and art to drive social transformation. Shining examples of discovering a purpose greater than yourself

  • Moderator: Joan Gelfand 
  • Panel: Doug Garland, Marc Cortez, Katya Cengel