3:30 - 4:30pm
From Passion To Prosperity: The Art of Earning a Living as a Creative

The business of creativity: real-world strategies and insights from high-income content creators. What it takes to generate a full-time income as an author or content creator.

  • Moderator: Kevin Carr
  • Panel: Brendan Kelso, Rick Pieros, Ian Anderson
Bridging Worlds: To the Screen and Back Again

Narratives transformed: a dialogue between authors and screenwriters. Script meets novel: the art of adapting books into screenplays and vice versa.

  • Moderator: Dave Congalton
  • Panel: Bill Froehlich, Katy Dore, Teena Booth
The Art of Visual Storytelling: The Synergy of Words and Images

In pictures and prose: crafting engaging children’s books and picture books that wow adults.

  • Moderator: Rebecca Langston George
  • Panel: Cindy Neuschwander, Rick Pieros, and Heidi Shadix
In Harmony: Poets & Songwriters

Highly accomplished poets and songwriters on the art of balancing rhythm and rhyme.

  • Moderator: Jennifer Smith 
  • Panel: Susan Richie, Luke Johnson, Laure-Anne Bosselaar