Build-a-Thon (Ages 5-7) Register Online

8:30am - 12:00pm // $200 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 2606 // Steamworks for Kids

This workshop is all about building! Learn the basics of the Engineering Design Process by using your very own building kit to keep at the end of the week. Use our build kits to create new constructions every day - and then knock them down at the end! Learn to use basic tools safely to construct using cardboard and other materials to invent and make your own designs. Come build up some fun!

Dino Dig & Fossil Hunt (Ages 5-7) Register Online

12:30 - 4:00pm // $200 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 2606 // Steamworks for Kids

Explore ideas and methods of Archeology, Paleontology, and Geology and excavate the simulated bones of a model dinosaur! Assemble the fossil from your own “dig” to complete a 3-dimensional model of a dinosaur to take home. Investigate geologic time and fossil charts to compare living things then and now, and identify 20-million-year-old shark teeth and other fossils to keep. See, hold, and identify items from our rock and mineral collections, and design your very own dinosaurs based on what we observe from our exploration.

X in 1 Renewable Energy Kit (Ages 7-9) Register Online

8:30am - 12:00pm //  $200 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 2607 // Minds in Motion

Assemble up to five different vehicles, three different dinosaurs, and two windmills as you work on and take home your very own Renewable Energy Kit! With the Χ in 1 Renewable Energy Kit, you will construct ten animated building options with child friendly parts that function indoors with the use of a Hand Generator, outdoors with the use of the XL Solar Panel, and indoors and outdoors with the Wind Powered LED. Developing manual dexterity and building confidence has never been this fun! You will learn three separate renewable energy concepts: Hand Generator power, Solar power, and Wind power. With the aid of your instructor, you will utilize the colored instruction manual and work with over 115 pieces to build up to ten exciting models! What is most important, no batteries are required. Indoors or out, this kit operates 100% on renewable energy. With Χ in 1 Renewable Energy Kit, the fun never has to end!

Chemical Creations (Ages 7-9) Register Online

12:30 – 4:00pm // $200 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 2607 // Minds in Motion

Come experience a hands-on world of fun as you conduct a variety of scientific experiments!  You will work on and take home your very own Chemistry Lab Kit complete with test tubes, safety googles, and more!  Learn and discover many different scientific concepts in an entertaining and innovative approach.  You will be trained to work like a real scientist in the lab.  You will also make and take home some really cool chemical creations!  Learn all about energy and molecules, create a crazy bouncy glob from glue, and some scary green slime!  Make your very own UV bracelet and watch it react to the sun.  You will also get to witness some amazing scientific demonstrations from your instructor.  Watch snow being created and feel how cold it is!  Experience a really powerful magnet, magic sand, and many other exciting experiments in this fascinating and educational program!