Dino Dig & Fossil Hunt (Ages 5-7) - Register Online

9:00am-12:00pm // $185 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4403 // Steamworks for Kids

Explore ideas and methods of Archeology, Paleontology, and Geology and excavate the simulated bones of a model dinosaur! Assemble the fossil from your own “dig” to complete a 3-dimensional model of a dinosaur to take home. Investigate geologic time and fossil charts to compare living things then and now, and identify 20-million-year-old shark teeth and other fossils to keep. See, hold, and identify items from our rock and mineral collections, and design your very own dinosaurs based on what we observe from our exploration.

Slimescapades! (Ages 5-7) - Register Online

12:30-3:30pm // $185 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4403 // Steamworks for Kids

Get ready to get slimy with this super slime-tastic chemistry workshop! Make a new slime every day, do experiments to create polymers and other materials, and have a blast with chemical reactions. Come join the messy, slimy side of science fun!

RE/CO Robot (Ages 7-9) - Register Online

9:00am-12:00pm // $185 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4405 // Minds in Motion

Build and take home your very own RE/CO Robot!  RE/CO robot is a mechanical off-roading adventure!  It comes equipped with an infrared sensor and artificial intelligence.  Its ability to be controlled wirelessly, and its tank-like tracks, make it perfect for rugged conditions!   With the wireless remote control added, RE/CO Robot can access new play modes like storytelling, singing, dancing, and even programming.  Students can enjoy guiding it over all sorts of terrain or allow the friendly robot to lead the way, using its infrared sensor to find a clear path in patrol mode.  For parents who look to get the most out of their children’s time, RE/CO Robot is a great all in one package!  It combines assembling with 106 pieces, STEAM learning with infrared sensors, programming with easy directional commands, and having fun with the freedom of a handy wireless remote control!

Bridges & Building (Ages 7-9) - Register Online

12:30-3:30pm // $185 (includes materials) // SLO-RM 4405 // Minds in Motion

Do you ever wonder how bridges span huge distances and how skyscrapers stay standing?  Get ready to get your mind in motion as you work with and take home your very own Bridges and Skyscrapers Set!   Learn all about basic structural elements and witness firsthand the forces acting on structural components!  With your kit, you can build up to 20 model building experiments that each demonstrate a basic principle of mechanical physics or structural engineering in a hands-on way.  Learn about the strength of materials as you compete with your classmate to see who can build the tallest tower using the pieces in this kit!  Challenge yourself building different types of bridges such a suspension bridge or cable stayed bridge.  Come bring out the architect side of you as you enter the fascinating world of structural engineering and explore the magic of STEM!