Level Description

angelfish level

A - Angelfish

Parent/guardian accompanies the child in the water and interacts with an instructor. This class is for children ages 6 months through 2 years to encourage fun and develop comfortability in the water, breath control, and safety.

Class ratio is 1:10.

beluga level

B - Baby Belugas

This class is for children ages 3 to 4 years old. Belugas have little to no independent experience in the water. Learned skills in this class include independence, floating, kicking, arm strokes, and water safety.

Class ratio is 1:4.

clownfish level

C - Clownfish

This class is for swimmers 4 years and older (or 3+ and successful completion of Belugas). Clownfish are comfortable in a group setting and are willing to try skills like, floating, kicking, and arm strokes with instructor support and guidance.

Class ratio is 1:4.

dolphins level

D - Dolphins

This class is for a beginning swimmer who has no fear of the water. Students begin to learn the fundamentals of swimming strokes such as freestyle, backstroke, side breathing, and water safety. This class requires a comfortable attitude toward deeper water and good listening skills.

Class ratio is 1:6.

electric eels level

E - Electric Eels

This class concentrates on the development, refinement and perfection of the freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, and swimming endurance. Students should feel comfortable in deep water. Students will be introduced to competitive swim strokes, front dives, treading water, and new safety skills. The child must have passed the level of “Dolphin” or equivalent to be in the “Electric Eel” level.

Class ratio is 1:6.

flying fish level

F - Flying Fish

This class focuses on the coordination, refinement and endurance of previously learned strokes. In addition, students will learn new dives and safety skills such as survival swimming and rescue techniques. Students in this class must be able to swim 25 yards continuously (one length of the pool) and be prepared to swim 15+ laps of the pool each class meeting. Prerequisite is passing “Electric Eels” or equivalent skills.

Class ratio is 1:8.